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Home Decor Ideas – Bring Your Old, Vintage Items into the Light

Have a look around your home. Is it looking plain and dull with no personal style? Then it’s time to vamp it up with your favourite home décor items. 

Many people have this innate feeling to decorate their home with beautiful and crafty items, but often fail to execute it thinking the process is highly expensive. Visiting décor shops, buying costly items and placing them in your home is not the only way to bring a style into your home.

Many other people use old or vintage items to bring colour and style into their personal spaces. Do you have such old things piled up in your attic or storeroom? Then it’s time to bring them out into the light.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can elevate your interiors using old furniture or vintage items by telling you the right positions to place them in your home. So, let’s go dish out each feasible home décor idea:

1. Turn an old crib into a stylish bench

Have you got an unused or left away crib in your storage room? Then turn it into an elegant outdoor bench which you can place in the garden, porch, or backyard. 

Remove the side barriers and place comfy cushions on top of the crib. If it looks too rusty or old, pop some colour on the edges by painting. 

Another great idea to place this makeshift bench is at the rear end of your kid’s bed. Not only will it elevate the bedroom’s interiors, but also you can reminisce with your grown-up kid about his/her toddler days.

2. Funnels make a spectacular candle holder

There’s no such home that doesn’t have the old, rustic funnels in their attic. When you think innovatively, you can turn them into the candle holders by simply flipping them down.

You can place it on your dining table, or if it’s standing too odd in your modern kitchen, paint the funnel with trendy patterns and voila! Your dining room will now look fabulous, and it’s perfect to have a nice romantic dinner with your partner.

3. Broken cups then – vintage soap holders now

In a way or another, we all have our share of broken cups collecting dust in the storeroom. So, bring out your inner creativity and see if you can turn them into the holders. 

Glue them to the bathroom wall to have a soap holder. Or attach them one by one on your garden to grow small herbs or tiny plants.

Besides these, there are a hundred ways to use the broken cups. You only have to think in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

4. Create Vintage shelves in the kitchen

Do you have unused wooden construction materials? Then you can build a cute vintage open shelf in your kitchen. 

Nail them to the empty kitchen wall and place your daily essential ingredients. By placing them one after the other will not only bring a vintage vibe but also you can make use of those leftover wooden boards in your attic.

Not only in the kitchen, but you can also build these shelves in your garden wall too. You can place small pots or any garden décor like artificial mushrooms, nests, etc.

5. Have a rusty mailbox? Turn it to toilet paper storage

Have you recently installed a new mailbox at your home and wondering what to do with the old one? Here’s an idea for you. Turn it into toilet paper storage in your bathroom. Sounds strange, isn’t it?But it works.

Keep it near the toilet seat with the opening facing the ceiling. Now place the toilet paper in it and extend the wrap to the outside of the box. And you can enjoy scrolling the tissue whenever needed.But if the mailbox is too rusty or not fitting within your bathroom, paint it with the matching colour or pattern.

6. Big round disc as a side tabletop

You may be having that big round broken disc records at your home. Why not turn them into a stylish side table? You just need three to four slim iron rods with you. 

Attach the rods to the disc with super glue and make sure that it’s standing stable when placed on the ground. You can place this table on the side of your sofa or bed to keep handy things like remote, coffee cups, small notebooks, etc. It not only makes a cute little furniture but also look trendy and modern in your home.

7. Have an unsightly dresser? Make it as a cute wine cabinet

Next time when you think to dismantle your old dresser, think again. With some tweaking, it may just become your new wine cabinet. 

Pull the shelves out and carve a semicircle on the wooden board to place the wine bottle in place. Do it carefully for the other shelves, and your new wine cabinet is ready to store your bottles.

As mentioned in other ideas, there is always room for improving the external appeal of the dresser. Scrap away the old painting or pop it with your favourite colour. To spice it up more, you can place photo frames, wine-related pictures on top of it.

8. A thousand ways to use your old ladder

Your old ladder may not be able to carry your weight. But it can certainly hold other vital things, like small books, newspapers, photo frames, etc. All you need to do is to build a horizontal base attaching two points of two ladders.

Having the appearance of a mountain, it creates a beautiful ascending look for placing your things on priority. You can put it in your living room at a corner or bedroom as a focal piece. And if your kitchen has ample space, you can place this ladder for displaying your decorative pieces in an increasing order.

9. An assorted vintage masterpiece your staircase

Do you want something unique to decorate your stair wall? Then, an assorted vintage nest might interest you. 

Be it the old wooden frames, door handle, a quoted frame, or a mirror frame – fix a collection on the wall so that it looks like a beautiful distortion.

Surf through your attic and bring out the leftover or unused objects, and see if they are complementing each other when placed on the wall. It is a sure way to attract guests with your creativity.

10. Go cliché – chandeliers and vintage clocks

When you are stuck renovating your home using the latest ideas, you can always resort to cliché ideas, like installing lights and vintage timepieces. Not only it creates a classy look, but it also looks grandeur and instantly elevates your interiors.

Chandeliers and clocks come in all sizes and shapes. So, irrespective of your room’s size, you can place one without any hesitation. Whether it’s your living room, dining hall, bedroom, or even kitchen – there’s no restriction on these classy vintage objects.

11. Adorn your bedroom wall with ornate mirrors

Placing mirrors is one of the best ways to decorate your empty walls. And if you have an ornate mirror with intricate patterns, then it becomes a designer décor piece that looks beautiful when hung on the walls.

Search your attic and see if you can find such mirrors. You can renovate it if the glass is broken or looking dull. Making small improvements will make such vintage pieces look classic and elegant in your homes. And this tip is helpful for those persons who love to have a traditional house.

12. Sew your window treatments with old blankets

Are you struggling to choose between curtains or blinds? Then why not sew your window treatments with the unused sheets? 

As these blankets have sturdy and durable material, you can sew them according to your window size. Not only for your windows, but you can also make comfy cushions and place them on your sofa or bed to have a lovely personalised space.

13. Bring out your precious collectibles

Are you a collector? Do you have a habit of collecting rare and regional décor? But are you storing them somewhere without any kind of presentation? Then it’s time for you to bring them out.

Collectibles like large vases, painting frames, etc. become excellent décor, and they are perfect for customising your home with your style. What’s better than looking at the house with your personalised things hanging around the walls.

However, if you have rare and precious collectibles, then see if you can put them in a glass wardrobe. You can display them to the world while protecting them from theft or gathering dust.

14. Make worn-out suitcases and trucks into functional décor

Do you know your old bags and trunks can become your makeshift tables? It’s possible. Pile your suitcases one above the other to have a bedside table. Or you can use the old trunk as your laptop table. 

Or if you are looking for more intriguing ideas, here’s one for you. Cut the length or width of the suitcase and attach the portion of it to the wall, to create the beautiful open shelves in your hall, kitchen, or bedroom. 

You can use these shelves as an open bookcase, or to place your favourite frames, toys, etc. With some creativity, the once worn-out suitcases will turn into a functional décor.

Final Thoughts

You don’t always have to spend a huge amount of money to have spectacular interiors and décor. By utilizing your old or unused items and revamping them is enough to create a homely customised space. All it needs is a positive effort, patience, and active participation from your side in redoing your home decor with your items in possession.

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Hi, I am Mike Morleye. As a professional writer, I put together my writing skills to share knowledge on home improvement related topics in a readable, understandable, and appealing format.