//High Temperature Silicone Tubing – All You Need to Know
High Temperature Silicone Tubing

High Temperature Silicone Tubing – All You Need to Know

Silicones hold an entire family of high-performance materials having silicone fluids, silicone polymers, and silanes. Today’s businesses always prefer to go with an ideal product and silicone is one of them. Moreover, silicone cords and high temperature silicone tubing are used widely for accomplishing different types of industry jobs.

It needs to mention here that these materials impart incredible advantages in key segments of our economy such as electronics, transportation, construction, aerospace, health care, construction and restoration, domestic uses, FDA compliances, Paints and Adhesives and so on. Saying would not wrong that the list is quite long that how widely it is being used. Silicone can handle astonishing stress as well as temperature extremes and that is why product made of silicone are used in aircraft and spacecraft.

Why Silicone Rubber is an ideal for variety of reasons

Whether it is manufactured, businesses or designer, silicone has listed at the top of the list because of having many outstanding benefits. Silicone can serve in a great manner irrespective of low and high temperature. 

  • Whether it is steam or moisture, it can handle the presence of both of them ideally 
  • Silicone is a material which does not affect the fluids or gases flowing through
  • It does not subject to corrosion 
  • Silicone is ideal as it also does not crack or hard 
  • It does not get affected by ozone or sunlight
  • Silicone is material can easily absorb jolts or vibrations

Key-Features of Silicone Cord:

There is a long list of requirement for which Silicone Cord is considered truly ideal. It is needed for high-temperature sealing, oven seals, door seals, packaging and food industry and so on. Distinguished manufacturers always pay attention to follow international quality standards while manufacturing maintaining a premium grade of the basic material. They make sure that updated technology and advanced types of machinery are being used to manufacture. 

  • They are safe to use for a different type of job work. Many businesses are switching to Silicone instead of going only with the option of other rubber. 
  • Corona resistance property adding value to silicone cord and that is why the production of silicone oriented products are high in demand.
  • High durability is next on the list making it ideal to use. Because of being highly durable means it can serve longer without creating any hassles.
  • Silicone cord are also stain resistance so there is no need to take stress about it 
  • Translucent design is another thing making silicone cord ideal to prefer for various businesses
  • Silicone cord holds good electrical insulation property
  • Since silicone cord is easy to use & maintain, it has become the favorite of many businesses. It means less money or no expenditure will have regarding maintenance. 
  • Silicone cord is really good for nature as they do not leave any kind of negative impact on the environment. And that is why business also prefer it so that they could also contribute to the environment even in the slightest manner.

Silicone rubber cord is a synthetic elastomer manufactured from an amalgamation of hydrogen, oxygen and silicon carbon. It is also ideal because of performing well against weathering, non-stick features, and watertight surface. It also imparts as an excellent electrical insulation property. Silicone rubber cords are available in a variety of shades and diameters to sit well with your requirements. Silicone rubber cords are highly used in high-temperature sealing job applications. It is also high in demand in the food processing industry. It brings a high level of compressibility throughout the wide range. 

Silicone Tubing – Different Types

There are different types of silicone tubing available to have. Here, we are going to mention emphasizing in a detailed manner.

  • Regular grade silicone tubing is type goes with food grade standard. Quality based silicone tubing is always required in industry for different purposes. silicone tubing having FDA standard is always considered ideal to use. It is used for different applications such as visual examination. It is easily available in different types of shore hardness such 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80. They are highly used in food processing plants for various purposes. We all know that how big is the food industry and that is why silicone tubing of regular-grade are being manufactured on a large scale. Moreover, it also needs in medical industries too.
  • High strength grade is one dedicated to the accessibility of 50,60 and 70 shore hardness. Since it can go with different hardness, they are used in quite sensitive areas to play a crucial role. This category of silicone tubing is used in pharmaceutical, biochemical businesses or laboratory. 
  • Platinum cured silicone tubing is next on the list currently high in demand because of having amazing features. It goes with binding FDA standards. That is why, it is being used on a great scale in Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical industries. This silicone tubing does also come up with good clarity as well as amazing tear strength. It means you will have a shiny end product because of amazing key features.
  • Colored silicone tubing is also high in demand for sleeving. It means they are used for covering electrical or other types of cables so that they can easily be identified. Silicone covering enhances safety in the surrounding.  

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