4 Characteristics to make your App Reach 1 Million Mark

With the mobile application development industry touching the sky, there is no denying the fact that a great mobile application can skyrocket your business. When you cater to the needs of your mobile audience, you win customer’s loyalty and keep them coming back for more. 

According to a new crazy fact, globally, the number of people owning a mobile phone is more than owning a toothbrush. Yeah, this is kind of gross. And yes, this is not a good sign for global hygiene, but definitely, it is a sign of a huge opportunity for businesses out there.

However, with hundreds and thousands of mobile applications available in the app store today, the competition is over the top. Businesses everywhere are fighting to occupy a space in their customer’s real estate. The goal here is to be one of the (on average) 25 most frequently used applications on the user’s device, which is difficult to achieve.

Whether your goal is to achieve a whopping user base like Tinder and Instagram or have a smaller objective, for now, one thing is clear. The app market is blowing up and if you want to achieve your goal, you will need to stand out.

But how exactly will you break through the noise, when everyone out there is trying to do the same? Well, that is not impossible as there are applications that separate themselves from the crowd and create a permanent space in users’ mobile. What makes applications like Whats App, Tinder, and Zomato always remain in the trend is a set of below-mentioned characteristics.

So, here are 4 characteristics that every winning mobile application possesses:

Outstanding User-Interface:

The first impression is everything. Although there is a famous quote, “Never judge a book by its cover”, but people do judge books by its covers and apps within just a few seconds of usage. That’s human nature. So, how to make an application that can everlasting impact on users? The key is exceptionally good UI.

How your app looks and operates plays quite a big role in deciding the success of your application. If your app doesn’t look better than the competitor’s app, the user won’t bother to know what features it has.

What makes winning applications intuitive is the fact that they focus on the primary task of the app, elevate the most relevant content and have a logical path to follow for navigation.

High Performance and Fast Loading Time:

Have you ever come across an application that took too long to respond and sometimes, it just crashed, froze and shut down completely? You must have and you might have not tried using that app again.

If your application takes too long to respond, then there are higher chances of it being avoided by users. Winning applications take less than 5 seconds to load. However, more complex applications like Facebook and LinkedIn take longer to respond. And, for such applications, a user usually sticks around as they are shown ongoing activity as they open the app. If you have an application like Facebook, then make sure you take the user to the “loading” screen, where they can see that the loading process is going on.

To make sure that your app’s performance is up to the mark and it is loading in optimal time, it is crucial to pick the best technology stack

Adapts to User’s Needs:

More than creating a successful application, it is difficult to maintain its success. If your application is not able to adapt to the user’s needs, then creating a winning app will lead to naught. To remain at the top, it is important to keep new features and improving the interface of your application, along with fixing its bugs.

Consider the example of PUBG. It has over 200 million successful app downloads, with over 30 million daily active users. It has not gained this much popularity because it is fun to play, but because it consistently introduces new features that keep users coming back to it. That’s kind of the application that you require to make your mark in this sky-rocketing app development market. And, for this, you need app development company that is dedicated to bringing you success.


Last but not least, users always look for a mobile application that is compatible with all the available devices. Make sure that your application keeps the aspect of specific platforms in mind, and also take advantage of the natural qualities of a smartphone or tablet. As a result, it offers the best possible UI experience for users. 

When creating an application, it is crucial to pay attention to the traits and features of the platform. In addition to this, it is important to give heed to guidelines and work environment. Avoid using such features that are unfamiliar and don’t fit into the framework of your mobile platform.


The app marketplace is overcrowded with the competition; however, it doesn’t mean that your mobile app can’t make it way to the user’s phone. Mobile usage is exploding and the opportunities for mobile applications are equally increasing with it. But, if you want your mobile application to be successful and reach that mark of 1 million downloads, you have to figure out how to break through the noise.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out all this on your own. Hire the best mobile app developers to make sure your application is encompassed with as many as the above-mentioned characteristics as possible. With the right team of developers, designers and testing professionals, you can surely get an application that boosts your revenue and make your business stand ahead from competitors.