Is the health damage to vets during war eras, and the effects on their children

similar from one period to another?

Ethylene glycol dinitrate (ONLY formed when dynamite explodes; dynamite is a HIGH explosive).  I have long suspected that some type of glycol ether must be formed with things explode, such as in war-time, and would be the common denominator for military syndromes of this past century ... & back to 14th century:  responsible for 'flu symptoms' NOT a virus.

DoD Birth Defect and Infant Health Registry

Department of Defense Birth and Infant Health Registry

This registry was established to capture comprehensive data on healthcare utilization to calculate the prevalence of birth defects among children born to military families


WWI Vets' kids:

Senator Specter: * brain tumor, heart bypass surgery, Hodgkin's lymphoma,   Hank Williams, Sr:  born in 1923 with a mild undiagnosed case of spina bifida occulta, a disorder of the spinal column, which gave him life-long pain—a factor in his later abuse of alcohol and drugs.

VETS - No epidemiology studies

WWII Vets' kids:

Ovarian & uterine cancers *,  Diabetes, Skin Tags,  brain tumors, leukemias, Syndrome X & belly fat, obesity, (autoimmune metabolic issues - lipid abnormalities), only one testicle, Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs), loss of vision & stigmatisms, varicose veins, brain tumors,  Pectus Excavatum: *


VETS   *

American soldiers left with medical problems, including cancer and birth defects in their offspring

Korean Vets' kids:

Spina bifida, lung deformed, still birth

US Rep Charlie Norwood A Vietnam Vet



Vietnam Vets' kids:

  • Spina bifada  (ONLY birth defect with disability compensation)
  • Wife miscarried at 4 months due to a grossly deformed embryo -  wife carried for almost six months and lost another. (Stillbirth, grossly deformed embryo, '72) She suffered great physical pain with these pregnancies and lost the ability to ever have children again, more
  • Megan  PCOS -- poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, extreme abdominal pain, anemia, elevated white blood cell counts
  • Cerebral Palsy, (no disability compensation) high incidence
  • Autism,
  • Renal / Kidneys Deformed, Thyroid issues,
  • Connective Tissue Disorders,
  • Asthma,
  • Auto Immune disorders, such as lupus, rare kidney disease, such as FSGS, ... autoimmune dysfunction
  • Muscular Dystrophy,
  • cleft lip / palates,
  • club feet 
  • extra fingers or toes
  • cataracts,
  • hormonal female problems, cancer of female organs, mineral uptake problems and deficiencies as results, urinary issues and diabetes issues.
  • bi polar skitzo with a personally disorder, poor motor coordination, mood swings, constant back pain,
  • depression and anxiety, and Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, gall stones, kidney stones, lupus
  • Diabetes I, Diabetes II, sarcoidosis, rhuematoid arthritis, nuetropenia, and Felty's syndrome
  • ALD,
  • neuroblastoma,
  • growth abnormalities,
  • brain tumors,
  • hemangiomas
  • Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs)



The Arms Room

Carc Painting

Look for pattern

Degenerative Disk Disease - an autoimmune issue

Gulf war Vets' kids:

What about children of our Vets?  * Preterm, Connective Tissue Disorders, cleft lip / pallet, difficulty concentrating - remembering, hemangiomas, severe asthma, allergies, a heart murmur, severe heart defects, stomach and gastrointestinal problems, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  constantly sick; can't remember what they just learned, bones are aching; autoimmune liver - organs shut down, born without the embryonic fluid, failure to thrive, diabetes, heart defect (Ventricular Septal Defect or VSD), brain defect (Lissencephaly), Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), pneumonia (autoimmune?),  osteopenia, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Barrett's Esophagus, cyst in the spinal cord caused by brain fluid leaking, unexplained infertility, miscarriages, sperm severely amorphous, trouble staying pregnant - in-womb babies die at 3 months, stillbirths, Pierre Robin Sequence - PRS, rare eye muscle disorder, missing k-9 teeth; seizures, micro lissen calphy, aka ' smooth brain' syndrome, brain stopped developing at 3 months during gestation, no arms just stumps with hands, no forearm or hand, Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs)

Jessica:  often gets a strange high fever (103-104F) for no apparent reason * and she COMPLAINS A LOT at night of aching bones and muscles (not Growing Pains), complains a lot of tummy aches, headaches, loud noises bother her immensely, lack of appetite, problems with BM's, * complains of genitals burning/tender or soreness, gums becoming red and swollen, joint pain, sinus problems, inattention in school, difficulty learning to read, but has IQ of 130 etc...etc.. has same gulf war syndrome symptoms her dad has


3 soldiers die 2005 after 'flu

James Alford  * was diagnosed in June 2003 with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a rare and fatal brain disorder that leads to progressive dementia and neuromuscular deficits.

Today's Soldiers' kids

  • Spina bifida,
  • developmental abnormalities in womb,
  • "deployed soldier's son has been having seizures starting at 7-8 months old. he is 13 months now, and he has had around 7 seizures since the first one. each time he has one his fever sky rockets within seconds and he stops breathing and turns blue. *
Parents unknown

Scott Hamilton: An adopted child, Hamilton stopped growing when he was two years old, autoimmune metabolic problem digestion  diagnosed as having Swachman-Diamond syndrome, a partial paralysis of the intestinal tract that prevents the body from absorbing nutrients, growth abnormalities, pituitary area brain tumor, testicular cancer, eyesight problems.  At the height of his skating career he was 5' 2" tall and weighed 108 lbs
Charles Jordan

Baby Boomer

Wynonna Judd weight issues, lipid abnormalities, SERIOUS chronic overweight such as in 2003 which was coupled with extreme high blood pressure. She said her triglycerides were over 300. (Not so for her half sister who had a different father)
Mom had kidney cancer


Baby Boomers

Sue Serious headaches as a child, Liver cancer

Norma:  One ovary only a tumor (headaches & things like CFIDS, too)

Auschwitz Jews   leukodystrophy
    There are untouched issues such as learning disabilities. 1 in 28 sets of parents receive the news of 'birth defects' for their child.  150,000 children each year are born with a birth defect ... of which 60-70% of the causes are unknown pdf
Suspect Dec 1997 exposure Civilians with CFIDS Thelma's Brain tumors Aristotle Onassis:  FLU, myasthenia gravis, gall bladder surgery,  child born with 2 pound neuroblastoma & cerebral palsy  * (dad was a carpenter with a very bad anger - outrage problem)
EVOS Workers


1989 oil spill 'bioremediation' workers Child born dead & deformed, serious heart defects, zero sperm so NO children born, Autism, skin cracks

How many Americans died in wars? *

From  WHO  (via Toxins Awareness Group):  paint solvents are carcinogenic, painters having a 40% higher chance of  lung cancer and 20% higher of stomach, bladder, larynx, etc cancers,  while their children are at increased risk of leukaemia and brain tumours.

"Pregnant women with diabetes are three to four times more likely to give birth to an infant with a birth defect than others"

40 kinds of birth defects found to be significantly more likely for infants born to diabetic women than other infants. CDC study 

That's because diabetes is generally a 'side effect' of butyl or 2-butoxyethanol exposure

When you see diabetes, suspect exposure to BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol. Also suspect this chemical exposure for HELLP Syndrome that shows up during pregnancy or around the time of birth (Maybe the primary cause of post partum blues) Ask the study group if they also have short term memory loss and headaches

So for the 60-70% of birth defects that have no obvious cause, and especially for those with diabetes (an autoimmune hypothalamus issue) ... look to see if the parent or a grandparent has serious CFIDS, CFS, FM, ME. If so find the anemia that is much more serious than is realized: acquired, approaching autoimmune hemolytic anemia


A good research to check in cases of sudden onset diabetes after 'flu':

At 2.5 days after flu-like symptoms start up, see if the reticulocyte count is elevated.  Then the diabetes is the result of butyl exposure that caused the flu symptoms ... and diabetes a side effect - not the cause of the flu

Why FATIGUE?  "The elevated reticulocyte count would be peaking exactly 2.5 days after the exposure. That's crucial!  If you don't look at the right time, you'll never see it." Patricia P. Wilcox, M.S., M.P.H. (master of public health),

Suspect similar harm to a child as a birth defect, whether it shows up at birth ... or later as diabetes often does

when the parent has CFIDS, CFS, FM, ME

In that case, one of the parents would have 'the fatigue'

but the child ... not necessarily


OR there would have been direct exposures, at times of 'flu' from conception or later, even after birth


"The lines" are very blurred anymore,

as civilians are harmed by BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol, too


You will note many suicides by those overexposed to 2-butoxyethanol

'suicidal tendencies' is part of the central nervous system poisoning,

so is memory loss, serious depression

Soldier Suicides 12/12/2007

Testimony of Todd Bowers, Director of Government Affairs
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Before the
House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Garrett Smith was dealing with serious depression

Suicide age 22 : Remembering Garrett by Senator Gordon Smith  *