Periodontal disease is thought to be from bacteria action

Bacteria does some harm,

but it doesn't cause the autoimmune action on the connective tissue of the teeth / gums / jaw

Chad Pagel, a gulf war vet,  used to smile, but he can't now; 

his teeth are rotting out:  

Not because he doesn't take care of them, either.

Dec 8, 2003 he has to have 2 more teeth pulled - abscessed 

Note he isn't smiling in his photos.

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Bev Anne shares about teeth concerns after CFS & autoimmune diagnosis *


Gulf war vets are similar to other vets and also to civilians. It is good to recognize their health issues, but it is incorrect to say they have a standout harm unlike others. The main issue is exposure in several forms to a pesticide, solvent, poison, neurotoxin, teratogen chemical: BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol that causes the body's immune system to attack you. Halt the AUTOIMMUNE immune system, and harm will cease.  Diarrhea is a sign of more exposure to the same chemical TODAY

Civilian name for 'gulf war syndrome' is Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. Proof that it is this chemical that all by itself causes all the primary symptoms is THE ANEMIA not identified. Realize that high white blood cell counts is an anemia sign for these: not infection nor lymphoma. This anemia can be found.

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