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Pet Free & Smoke Free

Fully Furnished House 5 bedroom/ 2.5 bath house

Winter rental of Upstairs Mid September to Mid May:

Alpine room reserved for day rental  / expect one man 4 days a month / repeat customer rate of $89.50 including tax

Six Month Room Lease for fall/ winter / spring:

Sportsman Room / rented just days needed for $31 per day with possible shared full bath / & shared balance of upstairs $930 per 30 days prepaid

Rainbow Room / rented just days needed for $23 per day / shared bath/ shared upstairs of house $690/month prepaid

No laundry facilities available / use the Capt Joe's laundry room behind store

 1) Alpine Room  KING bed, in room 3/4 bath

      2) Sportsman  King bed  - shared full bath

          3) Rainbow/Economy Full bed - shared full bath

Entire downstairs for $950/month on school year lease + 1/3 electric and 1/3 oil

House will have basic TV & wireless internet / cooking privileges with cleanup

  • Lease available Sept thru April or mid May:  Located on the ground floor these rooms can be rented as single rooms or together as a suite. Both rooms share one bathroom or cottage room could have private 3/4 bath with Sunshine room using the upstairs bath.


  • Sunshine Room has a king bed and twin bed, TV with VHS.

  • Cottage Room  has a queen bed, kitchenette, TV with DVD/VHS and telephone. Bathroom is a 3/4 bath ...meaning the toilet, sink, shower, but not the bathtub. No laundry facilities available. (Captain Joe's Gas station 4 blocks away has a large room of newer washers/dryers open 24/7s $2.00 per load)


  • All of UPstairs (1250 sq feet) Shorter term would be a higher rate per month: $85 per day or $2550 (about the price of a winter rate motel room. Even if you do not need all rooms for sleeping, you are getting extra privacy or divide it up among your group as follows:  $750 for Rainbow Room; $850 for Sportsman Room (shared full bath) and $950 for the Alpine Room with King bed and private 3/4 bath in the room.  So, whole upstairs of house at $2550 (all or part) which includes $100 per month if applicable for snow removal. 

  • Upstairs of House - Inside photos  *


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Basic Rental Guidelines 

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