What is the budget for your housing?

30 - 60 day lease:  Winter Rate on 4 rooms / 30 day minimum:  Maximum 5 people:  $4200 ($35/day/per room) + utilities + TV/ wifi  OR <---link

4-5 month lease - Turnkey upstairs for 1 bedroom use:

$1750 per month plus 2/3 utilities  - One person

$3500 + utilities several people

No Pets

The nicest place would be the upstairs of the house, which is $57/day + 2/3 utilities
and would be about $30/day less than a motel room

Ideal location in town (Equivalent to one long city block away) from Eagle Grocery story

3 bedroom, 2 bath Furnished Mobile Home on a lot in town  *
Second choice would be the furnished mobile
On a winter only rate it would be at $950/month plus all utilities
Still a good location in-town location

  Downstairs of House:

The 'Cottage  Room'

In-Room Kitchenette with small fridge







   King bed and single bed in the bedroom


Because it has been so cold, even the holding utilities on places is higher than normal ...

So on the Downstairs only of the BnB, we are looking at $50/day including utilities
Sunshine room (main bedroom downstairs)

& main living area DOWNSTAIRS:

                         Rental Application

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