Update:  Natasha was Missing Oct 2 - and Found Oct 30 in Venetie
Thank you
Commissioner Tandeske says, "She appears to be fine"




Lost Natasha   Her own MSN site *
Alaska Commissioner of Public Safety,
William Tandeske
"Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.  I have tasked Investigators from our Alaska Bureau of Inestigations (ABI) to work with the local Trooper Detachment to resolve this." 10-25
Toma Caldarea 
I am Investigator Caldarea with the Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks.
I have just been briefed on Natasha's case and I need some more

According to the web page that is posted on MSN Groups there is
information that was collected from a friend of Natasha's that Natasha
is staying in a hotel; if anyone knows who that friend is we need to
know so we can find out if there is any other information that might be

If you could please give me a call at (907) 458-6793 if you have any
other information or questions that I might be able to answer for you.

Inv. Toma Caldarea
ABI, Fairbanks
(907)458-6793 Office
(907)460-2454 Cell 
Commissioner Tandeske     Other Missing Persons in Alaska      Alaska Dept of Public Safety

I had never heard of this small Alaskan town before.

Reports a relative, "Venetie,AK is approximately 200 miles northeast of Fairbanks accessible only by air. She was located after she phoned her mother from that area. Some fellow by the name of Amos Frank had her. I don't have all the details except the State Troopers escorted her back to Fairbanks. Thanks again!  

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