Birth Defects possible with CFIDS, CFS, FM in the family line ... or for DIRECT exposure/s

to 2-butoxyethanol


Give this info to your doctor     AND    the questionnaire 

So, how many with autoimmune issues also have diabetes or parents who had diabetes? 
Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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Any birth defects in family?

Any SIDS? - 2nd hand solvent exposure?

Please share with me what has happened to the Vets of WW II WWIIVetshealthANDchildren 

and their children, the 'baby boomers' 

I am a 'baby boomer'

e-mail  Margaret Diann - Valdez, Alaska

Is their life expectancy less than that of the Nation at large?

What happened to this Navy man, looks like many others in military:

USS Independence



The proof of 2-butoxyethanol harm is the FATIGUE of CFIDS

IMHA  Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

This should apply to current troops,


'gulf war syndrome' vets,

Korean Vets,

Vietnam Vets,

WWII vets,

WWI vets


Check these things first ... signs of EGBE exposure


infertility that is autoimmune could also be 'part of the picture' for those who can not have children


Actor Heros

Ask about Auto Immune Hypothalamus

Bird Flu