What happened to our WWI vets & families?

The USA entered WWI when Germany was attacking our ships ... so USA entered the war, maintained a separate army ... and 19 months later the War was over.  Pres Woodrow Wilson was hoping to start a League of Nations, but the US Congress did not approve it.
There is a possibility that we need to know what happened to those who served in WWI and what has happened to their families.  What birth defects?  What health ailments?  Besides mustard gas that we hear so much about, there were also many rounds of ammunition going off ... what is in bombs?
The flu virus of 1918 may be a combination of a virus and a chemical exposure.  Making weapons ... getting bomb fumes in the eyes ... can have add on concerns that are being replicated in every war.  Are those who die of this flu virus today also turning blue rapidly from sudden lack of oxygen?  I think not.  I think two things were mixed together.  We are not likely to see a pandemic flu epidemic, because I suspect it was more than a virus that was part of the equation.
We need to look more at the similarities instead of the differences in every war period.  We may find a common chemical exposure for all


Is the health damage to vets during war eras, and the effects on their children

similar from one period to another?

DoD Birth Defect and Infant Health Registry

Department of Defense Birth and Infant Health Registry

This registry was established to capture comprehensive data on healthcare utilization to calculate the prevalence of birth defects among children born to military families


WWI Vets' kids:

Senator Specter: * brain tumor, heart bypass surgery, Hodgkin's lymphoma,   Hank Williams, Sr:  born in 1923 with a mild undiagnosed case of spina bifida occulta, a disorder of the spinal column, which gave him life-long pain—a factor in his later abuse of alcohol and drugs.

What Happened to WWI Vets and their Children?

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