On a Mystery Diagnosis program Jessica Blaszczak had many symptoms I recognize as glycol ether exposure and on this list was also EXTREME DEHYDRATION. She had extreme fatigue; night sweats, 'the chills,' fevers (AI Hypothalamus?) worse than migraine headaches, pain, general flu symptoms;  leading to heart damage.  Maybe the bacteria that was later found in her blood resulted from a body turning autoimmune?  Overwhelming fatigue would be the hard to find autoimmune hemolytic anemia AIHA  if caused by a glycol ether such as 2-butoxyethanol.  the flu  blood in urine? <--- 3 links
US Air Force man, Jake Tate, came down with lumps all over his body start up after boot camp.  They are autoimmune, I suspect exposure to glycol ether at that time.  He would have noticed 'flu symptoms.' AT THAT TIME!   not a hereditary issue.  To date he has 850 lumps & is hoping to keep his military job. His wife, Heidi, noticed a personality change, too.

Other Mystery Diagnosis   *   and Charlie, a Korean Vet    What causes dehydration?

2006 photo of General Petraeus - fair use - educational purposes  General Petraeus fainted 6-14-2010

They should check into autoimmune issues on red blood cells for this type of thing also

It is a 'match' for autoimmune issues and cancers such as prostate cancer especially

Also similar issues for Assoc Justice Ruth Ginsburg and Senator Robert Byrd (Died 6-27-2010)?

When things explode glycol ethers are formed (dynamite exploding causes ethylene-?-ethers)

even with subnormal retic rate / these 'numbers' can look OK, but not be OK
According to Robbins' Pathologic Basis of Disease, 5th Edition (1994), Chapter 13 (Diseases of Red Cells and Bleeding Disorders), page 584:

"With an increased demand for blood cells in the adult, the fatty marrow may become transformed to red, active marrow. Moreover, this is accompanied by increased productive activity throughout the marrow. These adaptive changes are capable of increasing red cell production (erythropoiesis) seven- to eight-fold. Thus ... such loss of red cells as may occur in hemolytic disorders produces anemia only when the marrow compensatory mechanisms are outstripped."

So a reticulocyte count might be a good screening tool for red blood cell damage/destruction due to exposure to certain types of solvents, e.g. glycol ethers, in patients who are not so badly damaged that they can no longer replace red cells as fast as they are losing them (i.e., they still have normal red blood cell count, hemoglobin, and hematocrit).

I've noticed Glycol Ether exposure causes autoimmune issues - Many things are autoimmune <---link

Your comments that I made into a web page
(HAVE not heard from anyone at EPA)


The best reference for information on the health effects from glycol ether exposure is the revised fact sheet published by the California Department of Health Services' Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service.
This fact sheet includes information on the effects of glycol ethers on the human body, general health effects, tests for glycol ether exposure, legal exposure limits, and ways of reducing exposure to glycol ethers. The website address for this document is www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/hesis/Documents/glycols.pdf. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for contacting the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences!

Also used a lot as a jet fuel additive http://www.valdezlink.com/re/glycolethers/jetfueladditive.htm

Alexander Haig <---link

3 soldiers die in 2005 after 'flu' symptoms

Three soldiers die after flu symptoms, 2005  *  * <--2 links


Sgt. Clay Garton,

Sgt. Christopher Rogers, Capt. Gilbert Munoz
  "Chris was admitted with flu-like symptoms. Whatever it was, it shut all of his organs down -- shut them all down -- and I want to know what happened," his widow, Windy Rogers, said.


Gulf War Syndrome Symptoms <---link

... and how many glycol ethers were the gulf war vets exposed to?  * <---link

Check these basics - Look for this pattern  <---link* <---link

Cancer Harm may be Secondary to ANEMIA? * <---link

Look AlikeDo Vietnam Vets, Gulf war vets and civilians with CFIDS look alike?  Do they look like the Exxon Valdez oil spill 'bioremediation' workers?


'civilian gulf war syndrome' aka CFIDS

THE LIST' per research of what happened to the Vietnam Vets - For Sure and Suspected - What happened to 500,000 soldiers

Consider these potent solvents - additive to jet fuel  *

Also used a lot as a jet fuel additive * / suspect for drop in sperm in our Nation's men  *  *

Treatments of gamma globulin help autoimmune issues



At a Congressional hearing, Representative Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, said that the use of dispersants “could result in thousands and thousands of people getting sick or dying as a result of the cleanup, not of the original disaster.”

Gulf Spill Workers Complain of FLU-like Symptoms

"Flu symptoms now and for a century are not caused by a virus, but by glycol ether exposure. There is an excessive amount of a commonly used glycol ether in the dispersants (2-butoxyethanol * ), which are poisoning the water and our wildlife and our people; even just those who have the wind blow in their direction. The weakness is the autoimmune hemolytic anemia starting up in which red blood cells die off prematurely. Look for blood in urine. AND look for this pattern for 'weakness' 

Insist that our Nation and EPA require BP to cease all dispersant use in the gulf."

Flu symptoms may also be:  Exposure to Glycol Ether + 'the anemia' Glycol Ether Causes *

Margaret Diann Hursh, Valdez, Alaska 99686


Discuss - Military Health & Civilians with CFIDS, CFS, FM


a story about memory loss ... 'dance in the rain'  ...

A memory loss causing chemical  *

Margaret Diann Hursh When will EPA & US Coast Guard STOP letting BP put Corexit dispersants in the gulf? It is up to 60% antifreeze, and we know what that does to health & environment. http://www.valdezlink.com/re/2butoxyethanolhazardous.htm