Itchy Legs ... for those who indicate it ONLY happens after a shower, then maybe there is something in the water ... some chemical.  Maybe you can ask the city lab to test your water?

For the last four years I have had a problem with my legs itching.  When it started it was only an occasional problem, but it has developed into an everyday occurrence.  When my legs itch it is usually my lower legs, but my upper legs will itch too.  There is never any sign of a rash or any kind of irritation on my skin - it just itches like crazy.  Sometimes it feels more like a "pins and needles" feeling, like when your hand or foot falls asleep.  It almost feels like every little hair on my legs are poking me.  I've tried switching detergents, soaps, not using fabric softener or bleach, I've used anti-itch lotions from my dermatologist, but nothing helps.  It gets so severe at times that it brings me to tears.  Sometimes it will get so bad it will wake me up in the middle of the night.  It can last only a few minutes or it can last days.  Usually it seems to be aggravated by something, the most common causes being nylons, water (taking a shower or swimming), humidity, and shaving.  But sometimes it doesn't seem to be caused by anything at all.  I have been to several doctors trying to solve this - and all I've been able to determine so far is that I am not having an allergic reaction to anything.  I will do anything to make this stop, it has been going on for so long now.  Not to mention that I'm getting married in a few months, and I would hate for my itchy legs to ruin my wedding day and my honeymoon!  I have already had two doctors tell me "I don't know what else you can do", so any suggestions on what this is or how I can treat it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

I am having the same symptoms.  I feel like I'm going crazy, and I can't stand this.  

I went to the emergency room a month ago because of the itching, and was told that it is an allergic reaction to a new detergent or soap., and the Dr. prescribed me Atarax, but it didn't help the itching.  I've stopped using any new products, and changed my detergent, soap, lotion, etc. back to what I have always used.  

Different from what you've said though, when I take a hot shower or bath it actually eases some of the itching.  I feel like I'm being something that I can't see.  I have no rash, no sores, cuts, bumps or anything.  

It first started on my upper legs and bottom, around the inside of my thighs and the top of my thighs.  Now it is happening all over.  It has gone to all over my thighs, the underside of my forearms, the upper side of arms, lower legs, back, I feel it on the back of my neck now close to my hair is all over.  

Like I said, this is making me crazy.  It started about 3-4 weeks before I went to the Dr. (about 2 + months ago), and still there is nothing on my skin to show that anything is wrong.  The only thing I think I can see are very small black dots (about the size of the tip of a straight pin), where ever I get the itch/bite.  I don't know if these dots are anything, or if I'm just hoping to see something so I will be able to find out what is happening.  

I've been looking around the web and found things about R.L.S. that sounds something like this.  I'm not saying that's what is going on with everyone, but it's something to think about.  

I was thinking I may have a thyroid problem.  I get very tired alot and usually feel run down, but I'm still pretty active.  My blood pressure has been low the last couple times it has been checked (both in the past 2 years).  And a few other things, so I'm really not sure.   July, 2002

I've had the "itch" severely after my daughter was born.  The day after I had her I had this really bad itch.  Before the "itch" I had an occasional dry skin itch, but ever since giving birth to her it's been worse.  My friend and I noticed that anyone with this problem, like you did, has been female.  The "itch" could be from many things like: sudden hormone changes (birth control changes, a baby's birth, aging), thyroid problems, too much yeast in your body, skin diseases, auto-immune problems, etc  July 21, 2002

I think they give some type of BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol at some phase of child birth ... would possibly cause CFIDS .... and HELLP Syndrome  Memory loss, headaches, depression would go with, if so


... comments on neuropathy & having MRIs ... changes in his sense of balance, co-ordination ... a tingling in fingers & toes - (Consider CIDP the 'chronic version of what Pres FDR had)

Autoimmune Issue!  *

What I Suspect for the Cause of Autism

Most probable cause of  'the flu' *  HELLP Syndrome & Autism:

... exposure to glycol butyl ether  * *

When the itch happens I get it about 1 hour after I get up in the morning and intermittently during the day. If I don't scratch it will go away in 20 minutes or so. Clearly, after reading about all of you, I realize I have a very mild case. It seems to be going away now too.

It started for me about two months ago after a bout of flu (which I've had 4 times in the last 6 months. I have some allergies, I think, which I've developed in the last years. I was living in California and going through menopause when they developed and I haven't figure out if it was the vegetation there or hormones or what. I've been mildly congested since then and I assumed, because the itching seems to be a histamine reaction, that it was some related allergic reaction. I can't associate it with any particular food or pollen or mold or dust, though. I have noticed the itch gets worse with warm moist weather. sweat, irritation (skin) and showers but I don't shave or wear hose or even sythetics. The anti-histamine Clorpheniramine takes care of both the congestion and the itching when it's too much.

The reason I assume it's a histamine overreaction (besides the fact that an anti-histamine makes it go away) is because while there is no rash when I start itching, when I scratch the skin in the area gets very flushed and red and hot. Does this happen to anyone else? Has anyone else found anti-histamines help?

My heart goes out to all of you who have it worse than I do.   Sept 2002
Looking for answers for my 14 yr old son who complains that his legs itch from the knees down, when he stands still.  This is not stress related and it is not a skin condition.  He is not overly active and not over weight.  He plays sax and finds this annoying when standing.  If anyone has found any solid information about this since the topic started I would appreciate it.  Sounds circulatory to me in a way but obviously not something doctors are much aware of.
Itchy legs? 

It is probably something autoimmune.  Exposure to a particular type of chemical should be suspect


I would be sure to see that he is not exposed to cleaning products or carpet cleaning chemicals. (The organic solvent/ pesticide 2-butoxyethanol, butyl ... or ethylene glycol monobutyl ether is the worst culprit.) Has he had a serious flu, even if not recently? An ongoing 'cold' or diarrhea episodes unrelated to what he ate?

If so, what was going on just previously? That might tell you what the exposure is. Be careful to watch for his body complaining when going to houses of other people. As the chemical can be in the air there, and get into his eyes.

Reading some of the prior posts, it sounds like the chronic version of what Pres FDR had (He did not have polio as is generally thought): but Guillian-Barré syndrome - an inflammatory affliction in which the body's immune system attacks the peripheral nerves — those nerves beyond the brain and spinal cord.

CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) is closely related to Guillain-Barre syndrome and it is considered the chronic counterpart of that acute disease.

It is probably something autoimmune. For very serious exposure, like Kawasaki Syndrome showing up (Jett Travolta), gamma globulin treatment seems to help; but I'm sure that is reserved for very serious autoimmune issues.

You might also check into glycobiology for help;

Does he also have very bad headaches? and signs of fatigue or CFIDS, CFS, FM type symptoms?


Fibromyalgia, CFS, CFIDS "There is increasing recognition that FM and CFS may be autoimmune in nature." Dr. David Moskowitz ("symptoms of CFS and FM most resemble the flu")

What 2-butoxyethanol should be suspect for causing

FLU    1347   1918  Just Because 2-butoxyethanol or similar chemicals cause autoimmune metabolic issues - Flu-like symptoms
Meningitis It may be caused by an autoimmune reaction,
in which the body attacks its own tissues.
Source  Example ?
Guillain-Barré syndrome:  an autoimmune disease that damages sensory and motor nerves,"  Dr. Armond Goldman, an emeritus professor in the Department of Pediatrics at UTMB The paralysis which struck Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1921 was not caused by poliomyelitis, as has been universally assumed by physicians and historians, according to researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). They believe that the most likely cause of FDR's paralysis was Guillain-Barré syndrome. 

What did Pres FDR die of?  


Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy  *

CIDP is closely related to Guillain-Barre syndrome and it is considered the chronic counterpart of that acute disease.

It is now suspected that he didn't have polio, but

Does cousin Daisy Suckley's Diary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America's 32nd President, mention a time when he had flu-like symptoms?   He did in 1917

A cheery fellow - 'Happy Days'

The History Channel Documentary 4-23-05 and 4-24-05, 

FDR: A Presidency Revealed talked about things that would be like what overexposure to 2-butoxyethanol would cause: * enlarged heart,  many horrible HEADACHES -   some at the base of the head, tired, ashen/pale color, difficulty finishing thoughts in sentences (short term memory loss), difficulty concentrating. Also high blood pressure (180/105), rapid weight loss (liver?)

Repeated headaches.  Headaches were intensifying

4-11-45 as he went to bed he was 'shivering'    (chills?)  Chills Chills Cold to the Core 

After an acute headache at the back of his head, he collapsed on 4-12-45 and died a few hours later.  It is reported that he died of a cerebral hemorrhage ... was there an autopsy? NO! If it was advanced stages of the fatigue of CFIDS ... the doctors would not have found it.  They still don't even now - 60 + years later.

What we would call CFIDS or 'gulf war syndrome' today.


Rapid heart beat can be an anemia sign? Are you tired a lot?

so is shortness of breath, by the way

Itchy legs?

It is probably something autoimmune

Gamma globulin may also be used to treat immunological diseases other than deficiencies. For example, in immunological thrombocytopenia purpura, the patient's antibodies attack his or her own platelets, interfering with the blood's ability to clot. Gamma globulin injections are useful in treating this condition, though the mechanism by which they work is not fully understood. The injections may cause the spleen to ignore signals to destroy the antibody-tagged platelets, or they may cause the malfunctioning gamma globulin to degrade at an increased rate. In any case, the extra gamma globulin counteracts the malfunctioning antibodies that attack platelets and allows the platelets to thrive.