• Always be involved in your health care decisions

    There are a lot of things doctors do not know

    You will live with the decisions that change your health - no one else

    The Accutane has been overprescribed for things other than severe acne for a long time, and even then, I suspect it is more health hazardous than helpful at all

    Look into gamma globulin if you have autoimmune issues
    Avoid butyl in any products
    Consider glycobiology for help ... good nutrition & glyconutrients

    I suspect there may be an autoimmune aspect to acne ... something off in the hormones,
    and maybe that is the issue to address

    I would be concerned about autoimmune issues starting up ... more than what you would have without Accutane, and about reproductive harm

    I wouldn't take any meds with butyl in them,
    and there is a butylated inert ingredient in accutane


    Chemical formula .... C13 H18 02
    toxic to blood and organs

    The formula for a chemical I believe is very toxic to blood and organs also is
    2-butoxyethanol and it is only
    C6 H14 O2


    Accutane (synonym is Isotretinoin & 50 others)
    chemical formula is C20 H28 O2

Some meds are more harmful than helpful .... *

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Information ALL doctors need to know  *

What ER doctors need to know

Exposure looks like 'the flu'  *

Autoimmune issues entirely  *   ... Autoimmune Hypothalamus? ....

Charts to track changes in BP, Blood Sugar, Body Temp 

What is your body temperature?  your blood pressure?  your blood sugar?

Be Careful what you clean with  * * *


Thoughts for vet, Charlie

Thoughts for vet, Thomas

Look for 'the fatigue' & an assortment of issues

Anemia is Serious - if it is the anemia BUTYL causes


Look into BUTYL for CFIDS, CFS, FM & 'Military Syndromes' *

An e-mail request to the CDC      Exposure looks like 'the flu'  *

on Flu Symptoms

Traces of blood in urine?   *

Diarrhea then Constipation?

Seizures Fainting Dizziness


ITP is the destruction of "thrombocytes" (clotting cells) by the immune system in much the same manner as RBCs are destroyed in AIHA


Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (Platelets)

Other autoimmune issues including diabetes & spontaneous infertility

Clinical signs of this disease include bruising; excessive bleeding following trauma, at surgery, or during estrus; or  blood in the urine or stool.

Before ITP can be diagnosed, many more common diseases must be ruled out. These include, but are not limited to, warfarin poisoning, various clotting disorders (hemophilia, Von Willebrand's disease), bladder or prostate infection or cancer, and intestinal parasites. A CBC, platelet count, and clotting profile are needed. A bone marrow biopsy is helpful as well, and a Coomb's test may be run if other autoimmune diseases are suspected. (Coomb's test is unreliable Skip it)

Transfusion of fresh whole blood or of platelet-rich plasma can be helpful in ITP  Source

CFIDS Anemia is  /  clues  abnormal BP, Blood sugar, Body Temp
Help?  Good nutrition & ...

glycobiology  ... Such as glyconutrients

Gamma globulin
Rituxan for AIHA? ... for cancers?  and
"Gamma globulin may also be used to treat immunological diseases other than deficiencies. For example, in immunological thrombocytopenia purpura, the patient's antibodies attack his or her own platelets, interfering with the blood's ability to clot. Gamma globulin injections are useful in treating this condition, though the mechanism by which they work is not fully understood. The injections may cause the spleen to ignore signals to destroy the antibody-tagged platelets, or they may cause the malfunctioning gamma globulin to degrade at an increased rate. In any case, the extra gamma globulin counteracts the malfunctioning antibodies that attack platelets and allows the platelets to thrive."
 Birth Defects If a teratogen chemical causes autoimmune issues; then maybe parents harmed by it are at risk for birth defects in their children (also autoimmune?)  Avoid BUTYL * & all organic solvents, pesticides, neurotoxins, teratogens, poisons.  2-butoxyethanol is all of these

Be Careful what you clean with  *

Look up the chemical formula of any medications before you take them  *