Sonia Sotomayor came down with juvenile diabetes at age 8

Her dad died a year later at the age of 42

Did his job as a tool and dye maker expose him to glycol ether?

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When I noticed the comments that Sonia Sotomayor came down with juvenile diabetes and then her dad, Juan Sotomayor, who was a tool and dye maker (manufacturing) died a year later at the age of 42, it made me suspect that glycol ether in some form of exposure would have caused both. (second hand solvent exposure for Sonia.) Also, that Pres Obama’s grandmother died of one of the cancers these chemicals would cause - multiple myeloma * * - and she worked in a factory during WWII. Diabetes is a symptom of the harm glycol ether can cause. These chemicals are often showing up in war and in manufacturing especially. I suspect Senator Specter's health issues are similarly caused. Just treating a symptom (abnormal blood sugar) is not the kind of help we need.

— Margaret Diann

I also suspect the prostate cancer that Stanley Dunham had ... after being in the Army in WWII ... and the ovarian cancer that the daughter of Madeline and Stanley Dunham had after their possible exposure to glycol ether ... could have also been a teratogen effect for her.

Stanley A. Dunham married Madelyn Payne in early 1940

When World War II came, Stanley enlisted in the Army. Madelyn became a Rosie-the-Riveter at Boeing Co.'s B-29 production plant in Wichita. And Stanley Ann Dunham was born in late November 1942.

second hand solvent exposure * * 

Feeling tired, tired, tired?  .... a cause of the fatigue would be acute autoimmune hemolytic anemia in which the body goes autoimmune and attacks (in addition to other things) the red blood cells and a person dies of lack of oxygen from lack of properly functioning red blood cells or not enough blood cells at all.*

With this chemical exposure I do observe ... that there are unexplained fevers ... there is also abnormally low body temp, too.  Hormones high or low!  One man came down with a serious flu (Dec, 1997) and had the signs of CFIDS ... this chemical's poisoning, I'm sure.  His body temp was 95.6 consistently.  He ended dying in the same month ... leukemia of the lymph nodes, kidney failure, liver failure, heart issues.  None of these seemed to be present just 3 months prior.  I do suspect exposure to 2-butoxyethanol or similar glycol ether caused his flu and his subsequent death in the self same month.

I suspect this chemical caused the death of Pres FDR at age 62 in 1945.  Its pattern is there .. that's for sure


High or low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar and high or low body temp *

'Part of what 2-butoxyethanol does'


What about Autoimmune Hypothalamus?   *


What we blame on diabetes,

should be blamed on the chemical exposure that causes diabetes, and, and, and

2-butoxyethanol is ethylene glycol monobutyl ether ... the most widely used glycol ether


EGBE is an organic solvent, a neurotoxin, a pesticide, a teratogen (damages our genes & causes many birth defects) ... a poison !

Exposure 'looks like' the flu  *

Another Cause of 'the flu'

What are the glycol ethers?  *  *

Glycol: any of a class of organic chemicals characterized by having separate two hydroxyl (-OH) groups, contribute to high water solubility, hygroscopicity and reactivity with many organic compounds, on usually linear and aliphatic carbon chain. The general formula is CnH2n(OH)2 or (CH2)n(OH)2

a harm to our VETS & civilians, too

Memory Loss is often a noticeable sign of EGBE, BUTYL exposure

Some research * and * and * and * and  *

There is an autoimmune aspect to diabetes ... even type 2  Immune system attacking insulin receptors ( info)

Suspect anything that is AUTOIMMUNE, and multiple autoimmune issues  *

What are the symptoms of hemolytic anemia?

  • Chills  8
  • Fatigue
  • Pale color
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate  *   *
  • Yellow skin color (jaundice)
  • Dark urine 
  • Enlarged spleen
If Danny were around someone who was seriously overexposed to a glycol ether ... they would breath it out in their respiration to get into his eyes and expose him, too.  Did he have moisture under his nose? a cough?  diarrhea?

CAS 111-90-0   Hazardous Decomposition Products: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide

See #10

What I Suspect for the Cause of Autism

Look for this odd assortment of symptoms  * - FIND the Anemia  *

Do no Harm *

"One of the most important discoveries in health and disease of the last 10 years or so, may be that the production of the sugars that the body requires to form glycoproteins (cellular messenger molecules) is quite ATP intensive, ADP intensive, vitamin/mineral dependant, and enzyme dependant."

Would Nutrition for Cells help?

Will Glyconutrients Help?

Nutrition supports the engineering and design of life coded in genes. Thus, improved nutrition is not the treatment or cure of a disease.


Glycol ether exposure Can harm civilians & pets, too

treatments of gamma globulin seem to help autoimmune issues  Help!

Gulf War Syndrome Symptoms

... & how many glycol ethers were the gulf war vets exposed to?  *

Is Pepper Spray unnecessarily used in training Police & Troopers & Military Boot Camps in our Nation? * *

Military suicides from 2005 - 2009:  1100 mostly Army & Marines


Why I suspect Sonia Sotomayor came down with Type 1 diabetes (an autoimmune issue) at age 8

(Exposure to glycol ether second hand from her father's work)


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