Chris Routh, says the toddler was obviously sick. “She was crying and she looked very tired.”

What happened next was a nightmare for the families of both children. Emily, who had battled a stomach virus just a few days earlier, began to throw up again.

When Lewis Woodruff called home at noon, Chris told him that Emily had been sick. When she heard the news, Kim Woodruff said she was coming home, but by then Chris told her that Emily had fallen asleep.

When the child woke up, Chris tried to give her a cracker. “She started acting very tired like,” he says. “That’s when I heard the kind of weird, coughing, gurgling noise. She wasn’t breathing.”

quote:  "Later, they remembered a conversation they had with Chris a week before Emily’s death: “He said, ‘Miss Kim, there’s some bruises on Emily’s face. Where did that come from?’ And I said I don’t know anything about that.”

That same week, Emily had been throwing up, and had a persistent fever. Lewis had taken her to a hospital emergency room, where the doctor determined that Emily had a stomach virus.

But the doctor also noticed the bruises, and thought they might be evidence of child abuse. As required by law, the doctor reported what he saw to the Georgia child protection agency. The agency failed to investigate, and Emily’s case fell through the cracks.

At the time, the Woodruffs convinced themselves that the doctor had simply overreacted.

And so, two days after the trip to the emergency ward, on the day Emily stopped breathing, Chris was once again baby-sitting for the Woodruffs.

Sissy and Charlie Routh are absolutely sure their son is innocent. “This is a child who won’t let you kill bugs,” says Sissy. “He can’t even stand for the dogs to be disciplined. And I know I’m his Mom and I can sit here and tell you this, but I have never seen him blow his cool.”

The Babysitter's Story

Jessi of Valdez had this 'tiredness'   * The computer picked her treatment ... & it picked right ... She survived & is doing well.

Lenyia Delva died at 4 months;  enlarged spleen; not enough oxygen; then organs shut down; also had sickle cell anemia.  Just had 'the sniffles' or cold a couple of days prior (Investigative Discoveries Dr G 10/25/2010)

To Douglas N. Peters

The most probable cause of Emily Woodruff''s death was acute autoimmune hemolytic anemia (red blood cells die off prematurely from autoimmune action) from exposure to one of the glycol ethers. Being TIRED would be a strong clue. Exposure would have happened IMMEDIATELY preceding the start of flu symptoms. Fever, nausea, any organ swelling and having BLOOD in URINE are signs. Doctors don't recognize this & blame flu symptoms on a virus. Why I looked into the harm of glycol ether exposure:

There is an anemia that is hard to find:

You can be directly exposed by this component in cleaning products, paint ... or you can be 'second hand exposure' as from being too close to someone who is poisoned. The molecules of this complex alcohol are expelled in respiration & can get into the eyes of another.

8/23/2010 "Veteran 'CBS News' reporter Harold Dow died suddenly this week at the age of 62. His untimely death was compounded by the confusion surrounding what caused it. That mystery has now ended, as it has been revealed in a statement from his family that Dow died from an asthma attack while behind the wheel"

"Initial reports were unclear regarding whether Dow was at home when he died. CBS is reporting that an inhaler was found on the floor of Dow's car. Dow's family claims that the reporter suffered from serious asthma symptoms in the weeks before his death. The symptoms were so severe that he checked himself into a New Jersey hospital for treatment."

"Harold Dow's cause of death has not been made official by an autopsy or coroner's report, so it may be difficult to come to any conclusions until that time. Dow was not only a prominent black journalist, but he was also one of the most respected journalists in America. His career with CBS spanned 40 years, and he was known for being front and center on many of the most important stories in American history. May he rest in peace."
  Shortness of breath is also a sign of AIHA (hemolytic anemia) that exposure to glycol ether such as 2-butoxyethanol would cause.

Did Harold Dow go to the gulf of Mexico when this chemical was strong in dispersants used there?  Did he have flu symptoms from that time?  

There are two major misconceptions in medical science. One is that flu symptoms are caused by a virus. No, flu symptoms are caused from exposure to glycol ether. Look for blood in urine. Another is that very high white blood cell counts is a sign of an infection. It can also be a sign of the advanced anemia of CFIDS... not found by doctors: AIHA or IMHA.

7-15-10 BP has sprayed 1.8 million gallons of dispersants in the Gulf, the largest amount in U. S. History  The Federal Govt asked for limited dispersant use.  US Coast Guard gave BP 74 exemptions for continued use in the first 50 days or so; What Denny Kelso said in 1989 about use of dispersants

Child, Kylie Dawn Mcpeak, is very ill from age 4 to the present: age 6


Aloha, Chuck

responsible for 'flu symptoms' NOT a virus.

Can harm civilians & pets, too Suspect for 'the cause of Autism' *

treatments of gamma globulin help autoimmune issues  Help!

I think the most important thing we can do to avoid cancer, is to avoid any and all exposure to glycol ether, such as 2-butoxyethanol that is in cleaning products, paint, gun cleaners, pepper spray, etc., etc.  This chemical family is responsible for causing mild to moderate flu symptoms (only blamed on a virus).  The Nation realizes it causes anemia / FATIGUE, but it is the type of fatigue that doctors can't find in CFIDS, CFS, FM, so attention focuses on the side effects of autoimmune issues (such as diabetes), cancers, birth defects.  Unfortunately these chemicals are often found in our medications.  Something as simple as 'the sniffles' (loosening of the sinuses) can mean death to a child. The ANEMIA it causes is autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA or IMHA) which I suspect is the number one killer in the Nation. Whether 2 or 62, exposure to glycol ether can kill you, before cancers can show up.

Military suicides from 2005 - 2009:  1100 mostly Army & Marines