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1989:  Denny Kelso (Alaska DEC Commissioner): 

"We should not trade poisoned water for clean beaches"

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Jun 23, 2010 ... Ocean Conservancy's Dennis Takahashi-Kelso met with Florida ...

At a Congressional hearing, Representative Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, said that the use of dispersants “could result in thousands and thousands of people getting sick or dying as a result of the cleanup, not of the original disaster.”


"Dispersants have not been the first line of defense for oil spill cleanup in the U.S. 

because dispersants present toxicity threats and health threats to those applying the products."  uspoly.com/dispersit 


*  LA Times


"Hundreds of Thousands of gallons of dispersants have been used in gulf oil spill cleanup" 

5-14-2010 noon Pres Obama speech


Methane adds Carbons to water * limits oxygen available to marine life / So do other glycol ethers

Workers have 'flu-like symptoms?'  * Glycol ether exposure 'looks like the flu'

The biggest mistake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cleanup was using dispersants with 2-butoxyethanol.  The Exxon formulations of Inipol had 12% 2-butoxyethanol; the  Corexit 9500 had trace ethylene oxide with 38% 2-butoxyethanol. Corexit 9527 (also an Exxon formulation) has an MSDS that states 30% - 60% 2-butoxyethanol.  Lobby EPA and the US Coast Guard to removed these from the approved list of what can be used for oil spill remediation.  Epidemiologists should see an increase in fatigue (blood in urine, etc) and an increase in autoimmune issues, cancers, birth defects, vision loss, memory loss, CFIDS, CFS, FM.  Exposure to this glycol ether 'looks like' the flu.  A new formulation of dispersant is now being used.  Anyone know what that is? ... or is is proprietary?  (Should not be so) Per report to Valdez by a local who returned from work there briefly, there is now at least 851,000 gallons of dispersant that have been used.  6-24-10  valdezlink.com/re/health/oilspill/help.htm


Sadly, sometimes you can't fix everything; and the cure is worse than the problem  valdezlink.com/evos/learned.htm

1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cleanup? *  *

Are dispersants carbon based? * 

. . . adds more carbon to the system 

and requires even more oxygen for complete degradation.  

"More than 1.3 million gallons of dispersants have been sprayed into the Gulf since April 20, according to the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command linking companies and government agencies responding to the spill."  Source


Parker v. Nalco Co., 2:10-cv-01749, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans)


Some think it is methane that is causing dead zones with depleted oxygen in water.  Methane is a minor concern compared to the glycol ether in Corexit. "Madsen reports, Corexit 9500, the oil dispersant used by BP, is viewed by FEMA sources as mixing with evaporated water from the Gulf. This deadly mixture is then absorbed by rain clouds and produces toxic precipitation that threatens to continue killing marine and land animals, plant life, and humans within a 200-mile radius of the Deepwater Horizon disaster site in the Gulf." Source

The “dead zone” created by a combination of methane gas and Corexit toxic rain, Madsen continues, will ultimately result in the evacuation and long-term abandonment of cities and towns within the 200-mile radius of the oil gusher


So why don't we lobby EPA and US Coast Guard

to remove any dispersants with 2-butoxyethanol from the 'ok to use list?'

And cease all use of dispersants from airplanes and at the source of the oil leak!


 U. S. Coast Guard discuss


Comment to U.S. Coast Guard


And why don't we lobby Congress to require glycol ether to be disclosed in ALL products?*


* A BIG Mistake  Casi Callaway <Callaway@mobilebaywatch.org>

Gulf War Syndrome Symptoms

... and how many glycol ethers were the gulf war vets exposed to?  *

Is Pepper Spray unnecessarily used in training Police & Troopers & Military in our Nation? * *

Hazardous Decomposition Products of Glycol Ethers: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide Source

Will we have more of these 'in the air?'  *

There is a lot of this chemical expelled into the air, and when it breaks down, it produces CO and CO2  *

Contact Congress: Glycol Ethers cause FLU + climate warming

8 month old twin girl dies  *

June 30, 2010


The most important protective equipment for most workers is air-tight eye goggles. For the population centers, too. When the wind blows in your direction the chemical can get into your eyes, too! When I realized in 2001 that someone in my family was health damaged in 1989 by working on the beach cleanup with Inipol / only 10% 2-butoxyethanol, I went on a quest to learn what this chemical was. (Corexit used in gulf is 30% - 60% strong of 2-butoxyethanol. STOP using Corexit!) I recognize the signs, and you are describing them. It is the most commonly used glycol ether, but that doesn't make it safe. It causes a body to go autoimmune and back in those days, Exxon c/o VECO required a check for blood in urine (from the autoimmune hemolytic anemia this glycol ether causes) Eventually when more symptoms pile on you get the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or one of the 'military syndromes.' Biggest misconception in health today is that flu symptoms are caused by a virus. NO! They are caused from glycol ether poisoning. I think gamma globulin would help sick workers; and I think new EPA policies would help our Nation.  July 10, 2010  Abbrev

THE Valdez Crud / Mother Jones' article 

The Valdez Crud: are crude oil and chemicals to blame 

for the health problems of workers who cleaned up Exxon's mess? -

 Outfront  Mother Jones,  March-April, 2003  by Susan Q. Stranahan *

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. There are already 1000 young men who were exposed to the 2-butoxyethanol in the Inipol beach cleanup dispersant in 1989. For the sake of our Nation's health, we need to know what has happened to them. That was a 10% concentration of glycol ether. In the gulf, Corexit versions are 30-60% strong. It only takes a whiff of this glycol ether to cause autoimmune issues, CFIDS, cancers, birth defects. What have we done? 8-10-10


7-14-2010 - Denny Kelso

2-butoxyethanol in dispersant will react with aluminum salts in ocean?   *