Dear Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

I am so amazed at your hard work, dedication and accomplishments.

Even if you didn't feel well, you would push on and no one would know.

I have some thoughts to share with you, as to why the cancer and the anemia.

There are many ways to be exposed to glycol ether, and since it can affect the children of those poisoned prior to a child's conception, I wonder whether your dad and / or his parents lived in Germany during the WWI era?  The bomb fumes were everywhere ... and I suspect when things explode they make a glycol ether chemical.  Vapors get into one's eyes and eventually blow around everywhere.  (Cause of 1917 /  1918 pandemic - Not a virus as is currently theorized.)

I suspect from reading your biography that your husband-to-be was drafted in 1952 & possibly sent to the Korean War?

That would explain his serious bout with testicular cancer.

After your marriage in 1954 was when it showed up & you help care for him when Jane was little.  The glycol ether could have been expelled from his breath & gotten into your eyes (second hand solvent exposure)

There are many ways military are exposed to glycol ether:  bomb fumes, gun cleaners, painting of equipment, many ways

Your dad was a merchant and provided well for his family.  Your mom didn't work outside of the home.  There are very strong home cleaning compounds with unsafe levels of glycol ethers. The most commonly used glycol ether is 2-butoxyethanol.  Half of the time that will be the glycol ether that causes Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia & damage to all organs/ nervous system.  It has been in widespread use since 1930s.  Do you recall any times of 'the flu? ... for either parent? ... for you?  Did your sister die of a health ailment? ... or some type of accident?

People can be affected in 3 primary ways to glycol ether:  by its teratogen affects, by direct exposure, by second hand exposure.  Just sitting next to someone on a long airplane ride can get the breath of someone that contains glycol ether molecules into the eyes of those nearby ... and expose them 'second hand'

This chemical family causes a body to go autoimmune.  It causes multiple cancers / metastasis is not the problem.  Where cancer shows up first is irrelevant. UK research has  'the long list' and I can't think of a cancer that's not on the list.  USA ignores the harm of glycol ether & it does not have to be disclosed in home cleaning products .. or in anything.

I learned about this from someone in my family who was over exposed to 2-butoxyethanol on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cleanup.  Then in 2003 I noticed this same chemical and other glycol ethers were on the list of solvents & pesticides the gulf war troops were exposed to. (Book 2 mandated by Congress)  Glycol ethers are a solvent, a pesticide, a poison, a neurotoxin, a teratogen  type of chemicals.

Just some thoughts.

M. Diann Hursh, Box 233, Valdez, AK 99686  What else causes 'flu symptoms?'

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Gary Cooper who died at age 60 in 1960 may have had the effects of glycol ether expsoure


Hamilton Jordan March, 2008 the year he died



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