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Saving Luke Duvall - CBS comment: 
by margaretdian October 19, 2009
"There is another cause of flu symptoms that is very serious. Exposure to glycol ether. http://www.valdezlink.com/re/flu/swine/glycolether.htm There would be blood in urine from the anemia it causes: AIHA and there would be shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, abnormal body temperature, abnormal blood pressure, abnormal blood sugar (autoimmune hypothalamus). "The chills" is also often found and serious HEADACHES and memory loss. Body's immune system turns autoimmune & ignores the real job it is supposed to be doing. High white blood cells can show up as advanced anemia (not an infection per se). Whole blood transfusion can do wonders. In the extreme, however, organs can shut down."  10-19-09

Update on Luke

  • There was an El Paso gulf war vet who was doing strenuous exercise for a new job he wanted. He died & I suspect it was from lack of oxygen the red blood cells could deliver. There is a serious anemia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, that goes undetected for those with too much exposure to glycol ether. I suspect this is the cause of the odd symptoms of 'CFIDS, CFS, FM, gulf war syndrome.'  There is also a 'second hand' solvent exposure. *  If you ran in the wrong place in the race, the expelled breath of those nearby, if they were poisoned by glycol ether ... would be getting in the eyes of those nearby.  10-18-09

  • 2-butoxyethanol *  * exposure can lead to hemolytic anemia.  Other Glycol Ethers, too?

    8 signs of hemolytic anemia per medical dictionary (AIHA or IMHA)

    Pale color
    Shortness of breath
    Rapid heart rate * *
    Yellow skin color (jaundice)
    Dark urine  (Blood in Urine)
    Enlarged spleen

    expanded *  *  *

    Exposure to Glycol Ethers and Subsequent Anemia  *

    Thank you for your comments about exposure to glycol ethers and subsequent anemia. The scientific literature seems to support your concerns. Thanks for contacting the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences!


    Dear Diann, "In Chinese medicine, fall is the weak time of the year for the lungs. The other organs must help get the lungs strong like a child/parent relationship. A lot of people have seasonal colds right now with the change in weather. My daughter calls it the piglet flu as opposed to swine flu. Could it also coincide with being indoors and less air circulation? Every store, gym, etc. is using cleaners now on door knobs, shopping carts, gym equipment to fight H1N1. Could the cleaners be causing the flu like symptoms? Could children actually be dying from the cleaners? I don't know but it is an intriguing concept."  Mr P

    "Please consider staying away from those vaccines - a number of people in the Illinois area took that new vaccine and wound up just as sick from the shot as they would have been if they had simply had the flu." Mr S

    What to do for an autoimmune system?  *  *  

    November 11 is Veterans' Day