Diarrhea then Constipation?

I think the diarrhea may be an violent autoimmune action on the gall bladder .... and excessive bile is dumped out ... and that causes the sudden diarrhea. It might not get to be diarrhea, but a 'right now' need to have a bowel movement which is soft. Not at all related to anything that was eaten.

I think it is exposure to BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol that could trigger this ... whether direct exposure or second hand from being near someone who is overexposed to these chemicals & breathing them out in their respiration ... to get into your eyes and expose you

How does your body ‘complain’ about a Chemical Exposure? - in general
Here are Symptoms (most common first) include:
diarrhea - Flu like Symptoms  *
·headache, EGBE headache
·sore throat,
·voice change or loss,
·constant humph,
·catarrh, or a cough that won't quit
·unexpected tiredness,
·sore/watery/gritty eyes,
·loss of concentration,
·short-term memory loss,
·reactions to other chemicals,
·blocked nose,
·mouth ulcers,
·bad/metallic taste in mouth,
·lip sores,
·chest tightness,
·shortness of breath,
·chest pains,
·nasal discharge,
·nose bleeds,
·ulceration of nasal mucosa,
·itchy burning skin,
·rashes, (causing itching!)
·aching joints and muscles,
·uncontrollable twitching,
·heart arrhythmia's,
·abdominal pain,
·pins and needles,
·numbness in fingers and toes,
·Raynaud’s Syndrome,
·menstrual irregularities,
·pain/difficulty urinating.
Other areas of concern include liver damage, cancer, teeth and gum problems, reproductive effects and lack of interest in sex.



That's more than just constipation ... can elevate to an autoimmune issue in which the intestines lock up and cease to function.

May be Locked Bowel Syndrome
For the 'population' with effects of EGBE & resultant CFIDS type symptoms
An AUTOIMMUNE issue ... I would take some glyconutrients
&/or prune juice with no solid food for 24 hours

Someone in my family had some of this in January ... & again now

In some way, he must have been exposed to the chemical again ...

while working on toilet in a rental unit

If not in any products he used there,

then from new renters as they are around people who can be exposed ... & pass it on to others or other places they go

Or Renter has used a cleaning product that is toxic (?) and left in the place

What farting and diarrhea might mean

I remember the crazy man he sat across the aisle from in January when on a short airplane ride. His gut was bound up 2 days then .... Locked Bowel

I wonder about headaches & other signs?
This odd assortment of symptoms?

After 'flu' (exposure) did you have CFIDS symptoms starting up?

Not just constipation - Digestive system stopped working
Look into BUTYL for CFIDS, CFS, FM & 'Military Syndromes' *

An e-mail request to the CDC on Flu Symptoms

Traces of blood in urine?

Seizures Fainting Dizziness *


NJ Hazardous Chemical Fact sheet on 2-butoxyethanol pdf 6 pages


Global warming?   *

I think we're 'barking up the wrong tree

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