Cold to the Core ... can't warm up, 'the chills' rapid heart beat, shortness of breath
Norma  *

Examples of 'second hand solvent exposure'  Pancreatic

Robert Estes, Korean Vet

Was it the cancer or the Anemia that took Robert's life? *

Suspect the anemia doctors do not find, that is the more probable cause of death regardless of which cancer is diagnosed
" ...  could not warm up"
'the chills'
Also rapid heart beat?
'shortness of breath?'
Thyroid issues? 
... can be part of autoimmune issues that a common chemical in cleaning products, paint, dry cleaning ... can cause
These are most probably dealing with advance anemia
That of CFS, CFIDS, FM
That doctors do not generally find
It is more serious than the cancer, per se
Was he or a parent in the military?
Does someone at home clean a lot?
AVOID BUTYL in cleaning products, paint, etc

Find ANEMIA for proof that EGBE causes CFIDS, CFS, FM,

'gulf war illness' Most harm to Vietnam vets, too *


Check these basics - Look for this pattern *

Cancer Harm may be Secondary to ANEMIA? *

What About Dr. Ron Davis & Randy Pausch, PhD?  *


Many cancers, including brain tumors and leukemia, NHL


What Cancers does Research list for 2-butoxyethanol exposure?


The main problem:  stop one's system from going AUTOIMMUNE


The Proper View of CFIDS, CFS, FM, ME


More helps to find the fatigue - the anemia
AVOID BUTYL & Check into glyconutrients for help with autoimmune issues
High white blood cell counts is a clue to THE ANEMIA  *
with this group

Cold to the Core  Yahoo Discussion Group - Red Blood Cells

Hamilton Jordan - Memorial Service May 23, 2008  *

Did he have 'the chills?'   chills 

Cold to the Core


Would this include Brain Tumors?

My Friend, Helen of IL and her friend, Thelma

Pres FDR &  the Pope  both had 'the chills' the night before they died

* 4-11-45 as Pres FDR went to bed he was 'shivering'    (chills?) 

Memory Loss  a sign of FM?  CFS?  CFIDS? Checklist  Why & Help

and what is your body temp? blood pressure? blood sugar?

high or low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar and high or low body temp

'Part of what 2-butoxyethanol does'

Interesting to note that some AIHA is with a raised temp -

Some with subnormal body temp


Recent exposure to 2-butoxyethanol or BUTYL shows a spike in body temperature, spike in blood sugar, spike in blood pressure - over a longer period of time (further away from acute exposures - FLU), you see subnormal body temp, low blood sugar, low BP (Autoimmune hypothalamus issues?)

Discuss Diabetes *   Discuss Autism *

wrong views of medical issues  * - prevent discovery *

Avoid BUTYL *