... dance in the rain ... a story about memory loss *

2-butoxyethanol IS definitely Health Hazardous isis



Autoimmune Central Nervous System Signs:

Loose your temper easily? Central Nervous System *

  • Short term memory loss Memory Loss  Memory Loss

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Personality changes to 'grumpy' - Extreme Irritability

  • Difficulty sleeping at night - Sleep apnea?  Narcolepsy in the extreme?

  • All-the-time Depression  -  Depression/sleep help suggestion

  • Suicidal Tendencies

  • Mimics true psychiatric disorder - Paranoia

  • (PTSD)


May affect multiple other body systems & organs


Hormones out of range - High or Low - Especially the Pituitary


Horrible Headaches    Why Horrible headaches?  Another View on Medical Health issues for those with CFIDS, CFS, FM   -  valdezlink.com/re/whyheadaches.htm  photo fair use

Look for 'the CFS, FM, CFIDS pattern' and the anemia   *

Find the Anemia .. THE FATIGUE ... that Butyl Causes  *

Health Tip ... a Fever  .. or subnormal body temp
may mean something different than you think
a fever or chills
the CFIDS anemia doctors do not find? *

this chemical's pattern


Autoimmune Hemolytic ANEMIA Signs: (Why is it hard to find?) * *

These are symptoms of hemolytic anemia - what this chemical is said to cause.

Exposure looks like 'the flu'  *

Autoimmune issues entirely  *   ... Autoimmune Hypothalamus? ....

Charts to track changes in BP, Blood Sugar, Body Temp 

What is your body temperature?  your blood pressure?  your blood sugar?

Be Careful what you clean with  * * *

2-butoxyethanol MSDS info

Consider gamma globulin for autoimmune platelets ... *

& for autoimmune red blood cells, too?  

A memory loss causing chemical  *