Feeling Fatigue with no Energy
I'm feeling fatigue with no energy. Any suggestions on supplements that might help give me a bit more energy?

I feel so worn out all the time.


  • Assuming that you have been getting enough sleep and eating healthfully, have you had your blood sugar checked recently? Diabetes can cause fatigue
  • Also hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) can cause fatigue
  • If you're a woman, extreme fatigue is one of the signs of a pending heart attack
  • It's also a sign of depression that is quite common with the days getting shorter, upcoming Holiday stressers, etc
  • first and foremost ..do the blood counts
  • az93
    My doctor didn't seem to even notice my white blood count was elevated to the degree that the test should be redone. He just scratched me a note that it was 'slightly elevated'. No follow-up. 4 months later he was out of town and I got his sub who ordered another white count, then another. Not wanting to go into messy details, just know that it is important to check this out and possibly insist on another test down the line if white count is 'slightly elevated'. Good luck with this. I am sure there are many reasons you could be tired and fatigued, like lots of kids and little free time to relax.
Tired all the time can be part of the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and by definition the doctors do not know what the fatigue is.

That's because there is not just one thing going on and the tests are pretty much not helpful for this group. In fact, unless the lab tech looks at the red blood cells, and reports to the doctor everything about them: their age, their membranes, their size, their shape ... etc, etc ... the autoimmune action on the red blood cells goes undetected.

I think autoimmune hemolytic anemia that 2-butoxyethanol causes is the anemia for this group. I also think it is the primary cause of death in our Nation, only many autoimmune issues and tumors show up, and the 'credit' goes to them for one's ill health & worse.

What I shared with my US Senator .... Many health issues are falsely perceived, not the least of which is what the flu is ... and that high white blood cell counts are another clue to the anemia ...not an infection or an lymphoma as is generally thought.

The Proper View of CFIDS, CFS, FM, ME

Do you recall a serious 'flu?'

What kind of work do you do?

Did you serve in the military?

 Do you also have a subnormal body temperature?

Do you have 'the chills?'


PS ... & other health symptoms are rapid heart beat, shortness of breath ... horrible headaches, memory loss, depression, difficulty concentrating ... more than one autoimmune issue

You asked about supplements.

"One of the most important discoveries in health and disease of the last 10 years or so, may be that the production of the sugars that the body requires to form glycoproteins (cellular messenger molecules) is quite ATP intensive, ADP intensive, vitamin/mineral dependant, and enzyme dependant."

Check into glyconutrients and focus on good nutrition. Doctors don't have too many guidelines on what to eat, but you can ask your doctor.

How long have you had this fatigue? If you have the anemia I'm talking about, it won't show up as doctors expect, as you will have more than one thing wrong & one thing cancels out another, etc. So, to find it, share the information I just posted, ask the doctor to ask the lab tech to LOOK at the RED BLOOD CELLS & report everything about them.

Pull up a checklist on CFIDS, CFS, FM & see how many other symptoms you may have. Give your doctor MORE information.
Thanks for responding everyone. I'm going to check out some of the links. I'm sorry it took a while to respond. On top of my fatigue I have a family member that was just put on life support. Now I'm feeling even more worn than ever, trying to work, take care of my home and keep traveling back and forth to the hospital. I have to force myself to stay on the go.

I have had fatigue for quite some time. My worst fatigue has been the past several months. I can't get enough sleep. I have the most difficult time in the morning. I keep hitting snooze. Sleeping in does not help me. It is scary because driving to work in the morning I feel so drowsy it is probably dangerous.....and this is after a 8 hours night sleep.

I'm taking Women's formula One-A-Day vitamins. The past week I have also been taking a Vitamin B complex. I haven't felt any difference yet. Someone mentioned something about chronic loose stools. My blood pressure medicine has a diuretic in it and it makes my stools all loose.

I had my thyroid checked a year ago and they said it was fine. I thought for sure my thyroid was causing it.
  • I agree about Iron levels... I had the same thing going on and they checked my hemoglobin- 7.6! Normal for a female is 12-16. Even with iron supplements for 6 months I am still around 8-9 but I feel better...

    When you're blood pressure is high consistently it will exhause your adrenals that work to balance the system. I would recommend looking into how you could balance your blood pressure. Obviously our diet is number one, but other than that, you could use supplements that nourish the body back to health. If you need any suggestions feel free to email me at ladonnasherbalremedies@hotmail.com, id be happy to help.
    I myself suffered with chronic conditions, numerous ones until i was left with no alternative but to educate myself. I was a woman with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, high blood pressure, prediabetes as well as a few more. I dont have any of those conditions any longer. If I can help, feel free !
    LaDonna Kinnick
Please Google acquired or idiopathic autoimmune hemolytic anemia, there are fewer then 200,000 people in the US who have this illness. It can be treated with prednisone or at the extreme having one's spleen removed.
This is a very rare disease and the odds are very strong that you do not have it.
The diagnosis is up to your physician and, obviously, yourself, after various tests. If you feel that your doctor is not caring for you to your satisfaction please change doctors.
Do not rely on any chat board for a diagnosis since the best we can offer is emotional support and possible information on what course you can pursue.
Best of luck and please let us know what you find out about the cause of your symptoms.
My money is on the sleep disorder or exhausted adrenals. Try a good adrenocortical extract for a month. If you still feel bad it could be the sleep disorder. That's assuming blood work is ok. You get plenty of exercise. And last but not least. Find a natural blood pressure comtrol or try a different med.


So, what is the fatigue of CFIDS, CFS, FM, ME?

Until you get to the easy to find AIHA, there is 'the approaching AIHA or Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.

Which hides out and per definition of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction syndrome, doctors say they do not know what the fatigue is.

You often see this anemia with cancers with signs like 'shortness of breath' ... 'the chills' ... rapid heart beat etc

I suspect this is part of what the gulf war syndrome is, too.

You will need to find a doctor interested in this, and who is open to looking at the tests in a different light.

For instance, very high white blood cell counts in this 'setting' is an anemia sign: not an infection or a lymphoma. High Blood sugar, high blood pressure, high body temp (or LOW) are also part of the picture.

(Depends on how recent exposure to EGBE is)

NJ Hazardous Chemical Fact sheet on 2-butoxyethanol
pdf 6 pages

more helps