High BP & diabetes & FATIGUE & Grouchiness!  

FATIGUE?  But blood work says all is well?

Do Vietnam VETS and Gulf war Vets

have 'THIS  fatigue?'

Do they also have elevated RDW?


May be a clue to 'the fatigue'


The RDW stands for Random Distribution of RBC Weight. It tells how consistent are the size of the red blood cells.

Page bottom for more blood cell counts ... definition

RDW is increased when someone has Hemolytic Anemia (I firmly believe that is the fatigue doctors are looking for in CFS, FM, CFIDS) Most of the blood work looks at least in normal range and doctors do not LOOK at the red blood cells. I have seen gulf war vets comment that their red blood cell count/s are in normal range, but
they are small sized.

Random Distribution of Weight (RDW)

"The RDW stands for Random Distribution of RBC Weight. It tells how consistent are the size of the red blood cells. Newly made cells (reticulocytes) , B12 and folic acid deficient cells are larger than iron deficient cells. This is an electronic index that may help clarify if an anemia has multiple components. The high RDW helps determine if there is only a B12 and/or folic acid deficiency (with normal RDW showing the red cells are mostly the same size) or with concomitant iron deficiency (a high RDW due to small and large red blood cells)."

"Optimal Range: 13"  ...  Check your blood tests
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The chemical exposure I suspect for this (Per research it causes hemolytic anemia) is
Check this out for Gulf war Vets ... for Vietnam Vets ... for EVOS workers, for civilians with CFIDS, CFS, FM
As people with this kind of 'fatigue' know, it does not show up in the blood work doctors are looking at.  I think doctors will need to LOOK at the red blood cells, and for the hemolytic anemia that must be there, but not found, this indices may show a few more new red blood cells than normal, and more that are small sized
What would someone look like who was harmed by EGBE?  and the research?
Don who is doing well in his NHL ... but now hemoglobin dropping

What is your temperature?  your BP?  your blood sugar? *

Janitor, Dale, needs help
UK research on 2-butoxyethanol
    Ask  ... these 3 questions:
  • Do you have these odd assortment of CFIDS symptoms?

  • Do you  have something add on that is an autoimmune issue?

   Many things are autoimmune

We blame too much on 'diabetes' *

In the below list of the Vietnam Vets' presented list of health harm,  I already excluded the item that Dioxin would cause ...
and leave what 'the other chemical does

Soft tissue sarcomas ... all of them
Non-Hodgkin' s lymphoma
Hodgkin's disease
Porphyria cutanea tarda (from dioxin?)
Respiratory cancers (lung, larynx, trachea)
Prostate cancer
Multiple myeloma
Hepatobiliary cancers
Nasal/nasopharyngea l cancer
Bone cancer
Female reproductive cancers (breast, cervical, uterine, ovarian)
Renal cancer
Testicular cancer
Spontaneous abortion
Birth defects
Neonatal/infant death and stillbirths
Low birthweight
Childhood cancer in offspring
Abnormal sperm parameters and infertility  Zero Sperm
Cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders  Memory Loss
Motor/coordination dysfunction 
Peripheral nervous system disorders  Skeptical? @ ALS
Metabolic and digestive disorders (diabetes, changes in liver enzymes, lipid abnormalities, ulcers)
Immune system disorders (immune modulation and autoimmunity
Circulatory disorders
Respiratory disorders
Skin cancer
Gastrointestinal tumors (stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer) pancreatic
Bladder cancer
Brain tumors  Brain tumors

the pattern of CFIDS with a couple of add ons I think should be there



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