Aristotle Onassis 'FLU?'  Jackie - JFK, Jr

I suspect Aristotle Onassis was health damaged by THIS chemical, too; and as usual, it was not recognized by his doctors.

"I'm convinced that metabolic features (changes in cholesterol and lipid profile, changes in glucose uptake and cell use, mitochondrial diseases and so on) are among main underestimated issue of 2-BE," says a French journalist

I suspect the 'flu' that Aristotle Onassis had was a chemical poisoning ... it fits the pattern

I never would have thought of this, except that I had seen a documentary on Jackie Kennedy Onassis and they said she died of cancer. I'm curious, so I wanted to know 'what kind of cancer' and looked it up. It was NHL (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma is the kind that I would suspect 2-butoxyethanol exposure could cause) 

Then I noticed that Aristotle Onassis had died some years before about 2 weeks after gall bladder surgery. That is also something you can find in the early years after someone has had a lot of exposure to 2-butoxyethanol. Part of its pattern, so to speak. So then I wondered, did he have a notable flu prior to that? He did. They thought it was the bird flu or something and he ended up with a diagnosis - at least partially of myasthenia gravis. That too fits 'the pattern'

I'd like to know a couple more things; but most especially, I'd like to know exactly what he has doing or where he was or who had come around ... when the 'flu' started up. AND whether or not they found blood in his urine.

I wonder whether or not the Foundations he started would be interested in 2-butoxyethanol 'recognizing' research? I have some ideas. I do recognize the pattern of this chemical's harm. Not unlike a NASA Controller recognized a problem in his field

1968 - 5 years after the assasination of US President John F. Kennedy ... Jackie and Aristotle Wed

Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis Wed, 1968 


Gall bladder surgery is a frequent, early on sign of the autoimmune metabolic issues that it causes, not the least of these is diabetes (but not always)

What was he doing when he came down with the FLU?

I recognize the pattern of 2-butoxyethanol's harm

Also NHL such as Jackie Onassis came down with years later, could also be a side effect.

Was there blood in urine?
Was there red blood cells attacked by immune system?

Did Aristotle Onassis have 'the pattern' of 2-butoxyethanol harm?

He had surgery for gall bladder not long before he died.

Later Jackie Kennedy Onassis dies of NHL cancer - at age 64


John Kennedy, Jr may still be alive had his mother lived longer.

He was not willing to fly a plane over her objections - as it concerned her so


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The minister cited the latest bird flu outbreak in Turkey was the reason for ... Born in 1906 in Smyrni, (now Turkey), Aristotle Onassis is world renown as ...
Fasting for healing and inner peace

contracting myasthenia gravis?  It seemed just a bad flu at first.  Aristotle Onassis caught the same disease at the same time in the same place, and the most expensive medical help in the world could not save him. 

The Endorphin Story
An example of how the receptor theory works is the disease myasthenia gravis, loss of muscle tone, the cause of death of Aristotle Onasdis. ...
"I'm convinced that metabolic features (changes in cholesterol and lipid profile, changes in glucose uptake and cell use, mitochondrial diseases and so on) are among main underestimated issue of 2-BE," says a French journalist
  • In 1940 Greece became engaged in the Second World War

  • Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis - Callas gave birth to their child, a boy, who died hours later March 30, 1960.  Apparently she had a C-section when the child was premature - a type of abortion which she regretted the rest of her life. (Onassis had pressured her to do so)  Maria Callas - opera name for Maria Anna Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulos (1923-77) (Cause of death - kept from public; at only 54 years old, was it an autoimmune issue?)

  • Onassis ended his relationship with Callas to marry Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of President John F Kennedy , 1968

  • Onassis died at age 75, on March 15, 1975 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, of bronchial pneumonia, a complication of the myasthenia gravis he had been suffering from during the last years of his life.  (Or was 'lungs filling up with fluid' pulmonary edema ... an autoimmune issue?)


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  • USA, recent generations have grown up with commercials for pain relief instead of the elders' indigenous knowledge of local healing herbs, for example.  

  • The conventional approach to health in the U.S. has increasingly been to just attack symptoms.