How many Americans died in wars ?

War Deaths Addendum
American Revolution 25,324 Bunker Hill cost 400 American lives
War of 1812  * 2,260 affected health:  Pres James Madison / Gen Andrew Jackson
Mexican War 13,283  
Civil War

Antietam cost 5,000 lives on both sides: bloodiest day in American history
Spanish-American War 2,446  
World War I  * 116,516 Battle of Somme cost 19,240 British lives on a single day (total British casualties that day: 57,470)
World War II

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 Health Fall out from WWII




Other Losses:
Soviet: 10,000,000
German: 3,500,000
Japan: 1,500,000
British: 280,000
At Dunkirk the British suffered 68,000 casualties
Korean War *  *  *  * * 54,246  
Vietnam War  *  *  *  * 58,148  
Panama Invasion 23  
Gulf War (1991)  * * 148 died + 195,000 with 'the syndrome' American Legion List of symptoms
* * Birth Defects  *    
Today, too!    *    3 soldiers die 2005 after 'flu

  " care for him who shall have borne the battle" Abraham Lincoln

... & the 'fall out?'

Assess the collateral health damage  

... before going to war ... EVER

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Some Famous Actor Heroes of WWII ... Did they have a serious 'flu?'

   Does cousin Daisy Suckley's Diary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America's 32nd President, mention a time when he had flu-like symptoms He did in 1917

   A cheery fellow - 'Happy Days'

The History Channel Documentary 4-23-05 and 4-24-05, FDR: A Presidency Revealed talked about things that would be like what overexposure to 2-butoxyethanol would cause: * enlarged heart,  many horrible HEADACHES -   some at the base of the head, tired, ashen/pale color, difficulty finishing thoughts in sentences (short term memory loss), difficulty concentrating. Also high blood pressure (180/105), rapid weight loss (liver?)

Repeated headaches.  Headaches were intensifying

4-11-45 as he went to bed he was 'shivering'    (chills?)  

After an acute headache at the back of his head, he collapsed on 4-12-45 and died a few hours later.  It is reported that he died of a cerebral hemorrhage ... was there an autopsy?  If it was advanced stages of the fatigue of CFIDS ... the doctors would not have found it.  They still don't even in 2005 - 60 years later.

What we would call CFIDS or 'gulf war syndrome' today.  More about FDR  

It is now suspected that he didn't have polio, but 

How many Americans Died in Wars?   5-12-06

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