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My son was diagnosed with ADD two years ago.  We have discovered that his troubles are really caused by chemical exposure.  He gets itchy eyes that seem to swell, he becomes extremely frustrated, angry, and depressed not to mention his inability to focus.  We have gone to an allergist who suggests avoidance and air purifiers.  I can handle the air purifiers, but does anyone have any idea how to get the school system to change their cleaning products?  We use non-toxic cleaners at home and noticed a difference in him in a couple of weeks.  Summers are great, but when he spends all day in a classroom, he becomes a different child.  Most of his teachers look at me like I have two heads when I ask them not to use chemical cleaners in his classrooms.  I know that he is not the only kid in school with this problem.  There has to be a way to educate our educators about what is happening to our kids. Thanks for any input, I am new to this.
                             Lori V.

I strongly suspect if you were to get a list of what cleaners they use .. there would be something that is an aerosol spray .. and something that has 2-butoxyethanol or diethylene glycol monobutyl ether.  Eyes burning and hurting is a primary clue, because I suspect this chemical's primary route of exposure is through the eyes.

Another major clue is diarrhea with this chemical.  Plus other signs our bodies give us  that there is too much of some kid of chemical.  Many times it can cause hormones and blood sugar levels to be 'off' and give FLU like symptoms.  Sometimes the flu is this chemical's poisoning 

There is reference here  http://www.valdezlink.com/pages/doc_gen.htm to a California and EPA study on these chemicals:  AVOID if at all possible.

I would provide your son with airtight goggles to wear any time his eyes burn

I would ask the school/city for a list of all cleaning products used

AND a copy of the MSDS on each of them.

Most of the time there is no adequate warning that this chemical is there.

As best I can tell this is the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome causing chemical, or 'gulf war syndrome'  Agree with me or not, this chemical was also an exposure for gulf war vets.  It is the central nervous system damage that causes short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, depression, sleeplessness, severe irritability.

I would go to the public input section of the AGENDA for both city and school Board/Council meetings and restate your concerns.

Products that I have concern with are Simple Green  (6% 2-butoxyethanol), 409 Cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, Spot Shot Carpet cleaner - maybe even Melaleuca Tub 'n Tile (the company refuses to give an Material Safety Data Sheet)

This  is a very serious issue.  Do some of what the gulf war vets share ...

Gulf War Illness  'Look like' some of your concerns?

I recently read accounts by two mothers whose husbands were gulf war vets.  They said that their children could know the answers to all the questions on a topic they were studying for - but the next day they would only remember a couple (short term memory loss).  I'll find their statements & share them with you.


I would never give a child Accutane for acne as there is a butylated inert ingredient and I realized that a year after I noticed that the warning were the same as that of 2-butoxyethanol .

I suspect reproductive harm years later for both men and women

There should be something in excess of 740 combinations of ethylene glycol with other things.  I suspect butyl ether is the worst.  A paint company finally put some warning on their paint and would only say it contained ETHYLENE GLYCOL.  When I asked them WHICH ethylene glycol they would not tell me.  (& that it caused KIDNEY damage)

I suspect vapors in eyes is a serious exposure, but ingestion may not be as much


What about Lung Cancer?