My delicate, new lilac blossom became a krsipy critter ... the day the City sprayed for mosquitoes.  Notice the spray on the leaves

This was a dry summer day.  This is the mosquito spray on the leaves - 

and you can see what happened to the delicate first bloom of this lilac bush

I've wanted a Lilac Bush all my life.  I love the fragrance, the colors.

They remind me of my childhood, as the house next door had a nice bush and we'd lived there from my kindergarten days through two years of college

Well, my husband said OK last year, and 2005 the first tender blossoms showed up, several of them.  I was watching them every day considering whether I might want to cut a couple of them & take them in the house to enjoy, or leave them outside to beautify the yard.

In our town we spray for mosquitoes.  Nice to not have mosquitoes.  However, I've been concerned at how frequently they spray & had talked to a couple of people about it last two years.

Someone in the City asked the Dept in AK that oversees such to call me.  I had a nice visit with the lady.  Her main concern was for those who handled the product.

I've studied another pesticide that seems to cause CFS, CFIDS, FM ... and once I heard a man say that he came down with it after a marathon race he was in.  Another lady said her symptoms started up after her going on a long bike ride.  I wonder whether their cities spray for mosquitoes?
Same  llilac blossom after being mosquitoe sprayed
You continuously hear that it is the children and the seniors that are most at risk.  I suggest pets are very susceptible, too. A Valdez couple lost their little terrier dog this year to lymphoma.  They live near the Main Street that is sprayed:   Meals.  That little doggie roamed around close to the ground.  Pesticides are suspected of causing  lymphomas.  There are people who have had lymphoma in our town.  Check where they spray today.  Generally they go up and down the main streets and up and down all the residential streets in Robe River Subdivision. AND they go round and round the park strip where all the children and their parents & grandparents go to enjoy the swings/slides/toys

They spray about every other day. If they want, they can spray again within 24 hours. They spray all summer long, weather permitting.  If they dropped the spraying down to every 3.5 days ... and didn't spray in August after the breeding term for mosquitoes, they could not only save some money, but prevent some health concerns for our children, pets and seniors ... well, everyone, actually.

I asked them to not spray at our house in Robe River.  They forgot one day.  IF


"All I did was run a marathon race in 1979 - came down with a terrible 'flu' and have had CFS ever since!"

"I was in GREAT shape until I did a l-o-n-g bike ride, now, I'm really heavy with no energy to even think of working out.  The doctors think that I short circuited my immune system, caught a virus, got CFS.  (that's it in a nutshell)

A lot of my friends don't understand because I don't "look" sick.