The less medications the better

For groups whose ailments (birth defects & etceteras) could be from a chemical exposure in the first place.

These must learn to avoid chemicals of every kind imaginable so other ailments don't pile on top.

One lady told me her son had a head injury because of riding a motor bike & he went back to learning everything. Doctor was concerned about seizures, so he prescribed mediation for that as 'preventative' The mom realized how strong these medications were because of some of her past medical training ... and she didn't give the full strength (eventually dropping them altogether) & the boy never did have seizures.

I suspect the harm to your dad as very probably being harm of 2-butoxyethanol. Considering the symptoms/diagnosis you have shared & his period of service in the military.

Here is some hope for help, I really do believe. These ailments are primarily from the immune system going autoimmune. There seem to be good results in giving glyconutrients - which are nothing more than nutrition tablets for the immune system ... not a drug (Hope I have that right)

This lady from Australia has started sharing her info she's found on researching the harm of 2-butoxyethanal.

I've been working on this just today ... so 'hot off the press' so to speak. Any doctor that you can interest in this chemical's harm, and these possible helps, even if they don't believe it ... the better!

I suspect every doctor sees people harmed by this chemical.  Many times they note acute exposures such as these 3 soldiers ... or stop when they find skyrocketing blood sugar.  It's more than 'diabetes'  I suspect endocrine disruption from 2-butoxyethanol and the rest of the clues of acute exposure are not that hard to check, if they were to suspect it, that is.

I must also share that someone who I suspect of harm of 2-butoxyethanol was helped both with depression and sleeplessness by taking this.

I shared this with a gulf war vet, Chad Pagel of Indiana, when I asked him what they were finding today. I'm fearful that they have given up on him.

What does autoimmune mean?  *