Below chart shows 2-3 samplings of what is considered normal for Red Blood Cells, for Hemoglobin & for Hematocrit.

Normal ranges are higher in men than in women, as they have more muscle mass

Call your own doctor or clinic staff, if you have had blood work done in the past, 

they can give you these 3 figures.


Track your own ranges & see if they are holding constant, or declining over time.  

Be involved in your own medical assessments. 


Should the red blood cell count be on the low side, or even borderline normal

ask your doctor to check the 'Retic' Ratio  

- Are your red blood cells low function?  

Are you approaching  hemolytic anemia  *

Complete Blood Counts are also important - & absolute cell count

Normal Blood Ranges

You - All dates available

Your Dad/Brothers 

Men:  RBCs  Red Blood Cells:

         4.56- 6.00 millions (per Valdez clinic)

            4.7  - 6.1   #2 lab - Fairbanks



Women: RBCs

                 3.9-5.0 (Valdez clinic)

                 4.0-5.2  Anchorage lab


  Your Mom  / Sisters

Hemoglobin men

            13-18 Valdez clinic

             14-18 #2 lab - Fairbanks             


 Your Dad / Brothers                  

Hemoglobin women

11-16      Valdez clinic

11.7-15.7 Anchorage lab

12 16   #2 lab - Fairbanks


  Your Mom  / Sisters

Hematocrit - men

                 40-50 Valdez Clinic

   42-52     #2 lab - Fairbanks


  Your Dad  / Brothers                     

Hematocrit women

                  35- 46 Valdez Clinic

   35 -48 Anchorage lab

                  37- 48  #2 lab - Fairbanks

 Your Mom  / Sisters

to abbreviated info... Plus information on WBCs and PTLs

Or, could it be your red blood counts appear borderline normal?

What is the 'RETIC' ratio?  Are your red blood cells - Low functionMore

Help Your Doctor see the 'big picture'