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a cough that won't quit? ... runny nose?
A mom shared with me that her college student had a cough ever since she went to college. 

I said, "Ask your daughter if she is having burning eyes or...

Help? Glyconutrient Food Supplements
More info on glyconutrients here:...
I Stumbled onto the FATIGUE of CFIDS
I stumbled onto the FATIGUE - Headaches of CFIDS I didn't realize when I started my study on 2-butoxyethanol  over 3...
More Thoughts on Gulf War Illness
2-butoxyethanol = CFIDS - A primary cause of Gulf War Syndrome (GWI) I firmly believe that 2-butoxyethanol or a complex version of it such as diethylene glycol...
Hazardous 'jobs' - Driving an Army Truck?
What were you doing when you got 'the flu' symptoms? Conny drove a big convoy truck when she was in the Army in...
Birth Defects
... I would even suspect congenital heart defects ... with one of the chemicals of lesser harm: ETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOMETHYL ETHER CAS #: 109-86-4 MF: C3H8O2 ...
PDCD - Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Deficiency
I was wondering whether or not PDCD was autoimmune and went on a search on the internet .. It brought up one of my own web pages in which I list it as one of...
Pectus Excavatum
I interacted with a young woman who had this condition. From what she shared about her parents I suspect they had probable poisoning of 2-butoxyethanol or...
Does Gulf War Illness = CFIDS?
[The 'gulf war vets' disscussion forum, was gracious enough to listen and share their web hosting for the topic of the chemical expsoure which may be affecting...
2-butoxyethanol Harm is Unrecognized
Unrecognized Harm of 2-butoxyethanol? Another synonym for 2-butoxyethanol is ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.
Practical Diagnostic Helps
One man shared that he has too many red blood cells ... Hmm ... when I heard he had flu symptoms 2 years ago ... and very high blood sugar ...
Blood in urine - much later Abnormal Peripheral blood smear
For those with strong, DIRECT exposure(s) (not birth defect effects) ... To find the harm of 2-butoxyethanol - you have to prove the fatigue of CFS, CFIDS...
The Immune System
I believe the main issue is that the immune system becomes autoimmune with 2-butoxyethanol or 'friendly fires' A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO IMMUNOLOGY


WHY is it that some soldiers didn't get GWI? 

I think it depends upon the job they had.  Those standing behind the missile launcher systems got sprayed with this.  (It is in rocket propulsion - maybe an ingredient in bombs to start with)  One soldier thought there was something like Corexit in the Arms Room .  Seabees would move the chemicals around & I would be especially concerned about moving Corexit (2/3 of Seabees interview of a 17,000 sample had the GWI)  Second hand solvent exposure is a big issue, too 

The literature says the chemical leaves one's system in 24-48 hours.  I do not believe that.  I call it the 'tornado' chemical.  Even if it did leave quickly, it leaves behind a great deal of health damage.  No one should die before their time for serving their country or being a hardworking person at home or for an employer.

Best help in my opinion is the glyconutrient food supplements and good nutrition.

Meds for the chemically poisoned can add to their chemical load and cause other ailments to start up.


This is in reply to some of Kurt's questions

2-buoxyethanol's primary exposure is through the eyes - that could cause 'dry eye' because this chemical causes eyes to burn and hurt and it also dries out things - most especially eyes

MSDS info will say it 'defats the skin'


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