Seizures? ... asks a gulf war vet

Does anyone else have seizures that started after serving in the gulf war? And if so have you had any luck with the VA granting compensation?

Ron Purvis  7-15-03
My husband has had complications and seizures

Tibby's wife

My husband is a 33 year gulf war veteran.

On July 12, 2002 I took him to our local VA hospital. At that time he was having 4 - 5 seizures a day.

We are one year later and the seizures are still happening.

We are not receiving any compensation from the VA b/c they say that he didn't have the seizure before the War, not during the War and not immediately following.

What branch were you in?
Are you currently being treated? At a VA Hospital?
How long have you had them?
How often are your seizures?

Wife Of gulf War Veteran
My husband was in the Gulf in '91 and was across from Doha when their ammo depot blew up. Needless to say, we're Canadian, and my husband was in a nuclear cooker for quite a while.

His seizure was caused from a brain tumor he had - a menigioma. The tumor grew to the size of a golf ball and had "feelers" running underneath his brain.

Since the surgery he has only had one seizure (that we know of). He's come close to seizing many times but thankfully "close" is not full-blown. Unfortunately he does have auras on a nearly daily basis as well as headaches that range from mild to severe/migraine. His neurologist feels the headaches and auras are due to the large scar left on his brain. ??? Really, it's hard to say given all of the problems others are having that are similar.

To answer your question about being treated - Veterans Affairs Canada has more or less turned their back on us. They don't know what to do with a sick 33 year old Veteran. He is being pensioned for his tumor, headaches, and seizure disorder (a whopping 5%). We are appealing the decision for pension amount - we both find it insulting.

The reason he is being pensioned for his tumor and its aftermath is essentially because I proved it started when he was in the Gulf. His headaches started when he was overseas and continued when he got home. The type of tumor he had was slow growing and his surgeon (as well as others I found to provide evidence) said the tumor had been growing for a long time - essentially when he was in the Gulf.

I also had to prove his tumor was caused from exposure to radiation. When I say prove, I mean beyond doubt. Unfortunately, our government still has not owned up to the fact that he was exposed to radiation/depleted uranium on paper, but as far as I'm concerned awarding a pension no matter how nominal an amount is admission enough.

Has your husband had a CT scan or an MRI done? If not he should. Brain tumor seem to be rising common denominator with these people - one that can be very dangerous.

I can't tell you right now exactly where or the specific dates of when and where my husband served in the Gulf (he's not well and is sleeping) but I do know he was there in 1991 and was clearing out tanks covered with DU dust before the order to stop came down.

I hope I've shed some light for you. Let me know how things pan out. Interesting tip: if headaches are a problem for your hubby try getting him some good quality peppermint oil (healthfood/natural store) and he can apply that to the base of his nose just above his lip. My guy also finds drinking the oil diluted in water helps, especially when nausea accompanies a headache. Me, I like it in iced tea 

Tibby's Wife

My husband has had several MRI's and one catscan.

The tumor (acoustic neuroma) was found with the first MRI over a year ago. The acoustic neuroma is also very slow growing. He has a "deafening high pitched shrill" in the right eye that will "bring him to his knees". On several occasions he has a "twitching" on one side of his face. He is very self conscience of this.

He has been deemed disabled by the Government but not by the VA. He has a degree in landscape/design and is unable to use it. He was in the psychiatric ward at the VAMC last December. He was having suicidal thoughts.

Thank you for listening!!!!

You and your family are in our prayers!!!!  Wife of GWV

How often are your seizures?

How long have you been having them?

Are you being treated? at a VA Medical Hospital?

Where were you stationed?

Have you had the gulf war exam?

Wife Of gulf War Veteran
Hi, Wife of a GW Vet,

It sounds like you guys have had an interesting ride like we have over the last few years. Who ever said the circus was fun?

Seriously, has your husband's tumor been resected? I am not by far an expert, but if the tumor has not been removed then that could be causing his ongoing seizures. The scar could also be causing his seizures. The doctors we're working with feel that my husband's large scar is what is likely causing the extreme headaches and auras.

The huge problem with brain tumors is there is so little research done. I'm a little involved with the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada and from what I understand their funding is not vast so sadly little research is done. Do keep in mind, though, that if anyone you know has a tumor removed there may be a lab or foundation around you that would like to have the tumor analyzed. Next time we live the experience of marathon surgery we will have the tumor tested. Hopefully we'll be able to help someone else along the way or at least advance research somehow.

I hear your frustration with pension compensation for your husband and I understand. It's frustrating to have done your job and then not be looked after like was promised.

I personally find it very disappointing the way Gulf War Veterans have been treated all over the world. The people in our military are, in my mind, doing one of the most important jobs in the world and seem to be stripped of their dignity when they need the support the most.

Suicidal thoughts seem to be a part of live for many Gulf War Veterans. That's a tough one, even for me. It was hard listening to the depression and anger, and trying to understand how someone could feel that way. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with an episode like that for a while - although one never really knows what another person is really thinking.

Keep your chin up. It's a tough road but I believe I am a better person for all I have persevered already. If we all stick together and share the information we have I truly believe change will come and perhaps our new Gulf War Vets will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Seizures are the unexplainable thing that is starting to go on with some of the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup workers. Doctors have done a lot of tests, and don't know what is wrong. Sad thing, is that when you fall or 'black out' from being dizzy or fainting, too you can injure bones & they don't heal the way they should anymore, do they? Capt Richard of EVOS has had these problems But in recent months, multiple seizures has been added to the list. I have wondered whether or not he is on too many medications and that they themselves add to the problem of one who is already 'maxed out' on too much of a chemical? One of the workers was told by Mayo Clinic that she had a toxic overload of her medication. I have also wondered, as to collapsing, whether the liver is doing ok?

As you know, I think 2-butoxyethanol is the chemical of harm and these are the groups of people with some exposures

Have put together Some charts to check what symptoms are of too much of a chemical. AND checklists of what you might notice if hemolytic anemia and other symptoms of 2-butoxyethanol poisoning is occurring.

Helps page here.

Far as I have heard, the EVOS workers are not getting an accurate diagnosis, either.
Believe me, the doctors are stumped. I think you have to find a doctor willing to work with chemical experts.

I think this chemical was/is on some Navy ships from 1989 days as they helped house the beach crews & would have dealt with one of the worst chemical dispersants: Corexit. (It's not good for anything) At 38% 2-butoxyethanol & some ethylene oxide, possibly, too. That causes your lungs to fill up with fluid. The Dept of Defense might be using if for something.

Send out the 'scouts' & rid the military of it!

Also a small Austin, Texas company was trying some bioremediation project - it failed, as no one will tell you anything about it.

Mother Margaret  10-17-03

I've been reading all your letters and wonder whether any of you have swollen glands?

Have any of you found out what the Reticulocyte Count is, or had a lab technician look at the red blood cells under a microscope and comment?


Small Red Blood Cells?

Gulf War military were exposed to 2-butoxyethanol and diethylene glycol monobutyl ether: solvents, pesticides, poison. Military must inventory all products containing such, and limit exposure for TODAY's troops! No appropriate protection is being worn for these chemicals (goggles are most important). For all who give input - THANK YOU! Guideline for blood test:

I realize this is an old post i got it off of a google search. I really need some help. My 22 yr old brother was recently released from the Air Force as a medical discharge. He began having seizures near the end of boot camp. Prior to entering the military he was completely healthy. The military examined him and then released him. Since he is suffering from them often. He has fallen into debt and depression as a result of trying to control them. He has no medical from the military. Anyone with any info on what was causing the Gulf war seizures would be much appreciated. Is it the anthrax immu. and does anyone know if these were standard anytime between 2001 and 2003? mordarlar  Dec, 2004
Right on Brotha Hawk!
I think finally gave her the boot so she has returned here to spread her 2-butoxyethonol garbage again. Some folks just cant take a hint!....... RATnaCAGE
yes the anthrax vaccines were still given in that time frame. The biggest thing about the anthrax vacine is it super human hypes up the immune system and sometimes it causes imunal overload in turn causing other problems my husband is now so allergic to formaldahide he breaks out in sours that turn his skin to raw hamburger. He also has seizures, status migronosis, pancreatic problems, gastrointestinal, liver, gallbladder, knees, he lives everyday in constant pain he has developed a cognitive disorder and the list goes on and on. I will keep all of you in my prayers. The va system is hard to work with but it can be done if any one needs any help feel free to email me. feelingcrazy
I think that it could be from lack of oxygen   *

I used to post here as 'Mother Margaret' and sometime I post as Dear Maggie.

I need a new name, as although I still primarily post on the chemical I've learned about I know more now than I used to.

I believe the primary problem is an autoimmune problem with the immune system

Why I looked into this

Dear Maggie

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Has anyone out there had problems with "false memories" associated after or alongside the seizures? My husband would have a seizure and after wards it was like it took out a large chunk of his memory. He began having memories of things that I know never happened in real life.  heatbird  April 27, 2005
It still amazes me that although 2-butoxyethanol and its complex version, diethylene glycol monobutyl ether are on the list of solvents and pesticides the gulf war troops were exposed to ...

And although they do all the symptoms that I've heard mentioned as symptoms, no one gives it a second thought.

I think you should!

Have you thought of how similar your ailments are to those of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction?
Have you thought of how similar your ailments are to that of the Vietnam Vet? & those who became ill at end of WWII?

Some things you should consider

Yes, memory loss ... part of the central nervous system damage it can cause:

The Central Nervous System damage gets the most attention, things like ...
Difficulty Concentrating
Short Term Memory Loss
Difficulty Sleeping
Constantly Irritable
Suicidal Tendencies
Mimics true psychiatric disorder

May 04, 2005 

Dear Maggie
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I'm a Vet & after the war I started having shakes. Or seizures, I prefer to call them the shakes.

I have been told it's called Essential Tremors. I do not have a history of this in my family on either father or mother sides of family. The VA MC thought it was hereditary. But what gets me is that it started after the gulf war.

When I enlisted into the USAF I had a perfectly clean bill of health. No neurological problems what so ever. I get the impression that the VA prefers to think what I have has nothing to do with the gulf war.

I've been dealing with these shakes for 14 yrs now using medications that help somewhat. I take 2 pills twice a day everyday & they help some, but just typing this is difficult a bit because my hands shake soo much. Trying to eat soup is something I avoid.

I am wondering if anyone else has been told they have the same thing I have?
Sometimes a body can 'complain' about too much of some kind of chemical exposure by 'the shakes'

Now that could be from who knows what.... or it could even be too much medication, which after all are chemicals, too

as well as in other ways


Maggie, or what ever your name is now, remember every war always has and always will have their own little problems. You really can't compare the problems with WWII vets to Vietnam and Vietnam to Gulf war. We all have our special problems. Thus many organizations have popped up in the past such as Vietnam veterans of America. Also this web site that Grant started years ago, why? Because of the Gulf War not because of Vietnam or the accident of the Exxon Valdez. We Gulf War guys want info on Gulf War issues not no more or less. This writing is not intended to disrespect any one that has served in any war, we are all brothers in arms. I have the utmost respect for any man or women who rises to the cause. If I did indeed offend any one may I apologize now. But to you maggie, please keep this web site dedicated to us Gulf War guys. Take care and God bless.

Bear, GWV Combat Engineer 100% SC  7-8-05
Some things that I learned from gulf war vets

However, this chemical has been harming many vets since before WWII ...

It would do you all well to take a broader look at health issues & consider the similarities

Dear Maggie  10-06-05-------------------------
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