Cancer for Gulf War Vets?

Desert Storm related to cancer

I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone has any info on the incidence of cancer in Desert Storm veterans. My husband served in the war and has had no health problems until last year when he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. When I researched this type of cancer I discovered that not only is it relatively rare it usually affects men over the age of 60. My husband was 49 when he was diagnosed. I also discovered that the causes do not relate to him except for a possible link with to exposure to certain chemicals.

I have not checked with the VA about this. I wanted to find out if this were any studies done before suggesting that this has happened because of his service in the war.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Olive Branch, MS


Does he also have FATIGUE?   ... CFIDS?

The reason I ask is that often people end up with gall bladder surgeries and later other issues which are autoimmune, metabolic issues.

I suspect that this could be one of the cancers that 2-butoxyethanol would cause & that if so, there would be someone in the family line who has Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

It can show up as a birth defect, or if someone got too much exposure to this chemical themselves, it could show up sooner than later.

Does your husband have this assortment of symptoms? Not necessarily all of them, but enough to consider this chemical's effects?

Did he have blood in urine for many years ... and maybe now only an abnormal peripheral blood results?

Are the red blood cells small sized?

Does he recall a significant FLU with DIARRHEA and eyes burning & hurting? WHAT WAS HE DOING 15 minutes before that?

Aristotle Onassis had gall bladder problems & surgery. I suspect this chemical exposure was somewhere there. And even though the add on issues are multiple, and varied, the core issue & the provable issue is the FATIGUE

  • A clue to this anemia is very elevated white blood cell counts

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I got violently ill in Iraq in May 91. After that I had a lot of bizarre symptoms, and I could not bend over with out refluxing. This never happened before (17 years of flight physicals). A lot of smart folks looked at my resultant "zero" sphincter pressure and some came to the conclusion that is a nerve control problem caused by ????. Maybe a nerve agent, bio agent, ????? But that's as far as we got at Walter Reed.
I hope that answers your question.
-Barry Kapplan

I would like to know what Barry was doing 15 minutes before he became violently ill

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Look for pattern of CFIDS ... Then find what is AUTOIMMUNE

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